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Force Operations(Main Page)

We are a force that cannot be stopped, and a force that will not stop destroying those in our path
And this force will only get stronger. Join us and become a part of the revolution, a part of the force that will sweep every corner of the monster mmorpg community. This force is led by the powerful Phantom (our leader) and invites all to join the ranks, but he will not tolerate traitors. Loyalty is what we need in every soldier So join our mighty force, or be swept by its awesome power.
A closer look:
We are a guild that trains in pvp, and no one is excluded. every person can be part of this force, because numbers only make us more powerful.
We are a guild that supports each other. We help each other and are dedicated to further our force. Because our force is one that is united to defeat all others
We are a guild that will stand the test of time. This guild is immovable, because once the force is started it can't be stopped. This guild will be active and so will our members.

It looks like there is no reason not to join us. So when you come to your senses, please post here or contact a leader and co leader to be recruited in the greatest force ever seen.
All signatures for members privates and above are free. Link is posted below with the others.
[Image: mw3-prestige-icon-20.jpg]
[Image: 15_image.png]
Snes, Torito747, Quanto
[Image: 10_image.png]
The Unwanteds
3-Spots Availiable
[Image: 100px-Rank_Prestige_9_MW3.png]
The Elites
7 Spots Availiable
[Image: 100px-Rank_Prestige_8_MW3.png]
Black Ops
5 Spots available
[Image: 550042_6143.png]
Spec Ops
[Image: 6fut7k.jpg]
[Image: ru3220.jpg]
Hammerbro13(1500), SlimJimForHim(2000)
[Image: 100px-Rank_Prestige_1_MW3.png]
Shockzekrom(500), , Thantos(1050)
[Image: Prestige_playlist_icon_BO.png]
All recruits start here
Mr.Fluffy, , Noelle, Alyon, , Maeve, Celtic , Ashernator, V4ngster, AlexAlex, Lelouchash
Dealing with rankings. Since we are a very competitive guild, your spot can always be taken if you lose in a PvP battle best 2 out of 3. It helps us train and maintain our guild to where the strongest are on top. Happy Fighting(:

Important Force Operation Threads:
Rewards for Recruiting
Signature Shop
ranks have been updated
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hey I would like to join. Is that alright?
of course (:
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hey just wondering...planning on adding links to Force Operation's other threads?
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQjk8wO2t6sHmKt_B-_FtO...vOjUyihBSc]
yes im doing it now, but im trying to balance it with this Honors Biology homework and this Hnors AP World History homework thats due tommorow
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Well...I could do it for you...wouldn't take long at all o.0 *the adding of the links that is...the homework is all yours Tongue*
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQjk8wO2t6sHmKt_B-_FtO...vOjUyihBSc]
would yu please
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Done added it to the bottom of the main post Tongue
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQjk8wO2t6sHmKt_B-_FtO...vOjUyihBSc]
thanks quanto, it looks good
thank you, quanto
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can i join?

btw no monster for me
[Image: 430ada87.png]

Killing is my business..........And business is good!!
you can get a monster in the future ..
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ok.........................i guess
[Image: 430ada87.png]

Killing is my business..........And business is good!!
can i join

now i want to join
yes n go selectt a monster frm rewards page
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<--- dexter wants to join
[Image: 4ab640cb58ed8813afd342449a09e628.jpg]
 3DS FC: 0103-9714-7767
 Name: Dexter
 Friend Safari: Electric

ill add everybody later
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Your names a total fanboy mode of my name~ >:'D
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

[Image: k29ed.jpg]
ok post here ben
ranks and recruits updated.
Dont forget to complete missions
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YAY i am now apart of the best guild ever (faints)
(2012-09-08, 07:32 PM)alexalex222555 Wrote: YAY i am now apart of the best guild ever (faints)
lol ok alex dont random post on the main page please
thanks buddy

ha u people are funny
(2012-09-08, 07:57 PM)miku hatsune Wrote: uh.....

ha u people are funny
how so?
cool pic

just normally i guess
(2012-09-08, 08:03 PM)miku hatsune Wrote: cool pic

just normally i guess
are you wanting to join ?
yeah i really am
(2012-09-08, 08:11 PM)miku hatsune Wrote: yeah i really am
ok pm snes about joining
I wanna join and i was recruited by shadow11770

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