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Weekly Events

Force Operation will be hosting a weekly event. Big Grin
These events will have rewards usually mission points or gold amounts.
You have 7 days to complete the missions.
Have fun!

This weeks missions:

Capture a wail, quantum, or mystic monster that can learn clear mind 100,000
Battle someone from the guild 100 mission points

post here to receive rewards.

Good luck! Smile

is this for everyone?
sorry, but this is just for force operation members.

nice job hammerbro. i will let phantom know with your mission points, and i will pm you in game to give you your money
Interesting. Keep it up bro , and don't forget to post completed missions In mission thread
By the way 100th post Big Grin
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okay, the post is edited with this weeks event. enjoy

I didn't take the time to go through each monster in the dex to find a reptile. I've been crunched for time lately and log in and out to kill time between other things.
nice job, i think a lot of people are strapped for time with school and such. but good job. put a monster on trade, and i will give you the same monster with 25k
okay new events!!
um, how do u know when someone has leveled up the fazuchi?
my fazuchi
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i can tell by the id, like phantom shows, and if the lv is obviously above 10
lol here it is forreal
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what if I already caught both?
[Image: FeraligatrSig.png]

still post it
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okay, and make sure you post on the missions page, so phantom can record your missions points.
and have a monster on trade. Smile
okay hammerbro i offered on a monster for ur gold. just post on the missions page to make sure you get your mission points. Smile
Okay sorry it has been awhile, i have been very busy with school, but i have updated the thread with ideas courtesy of hammerbro. so have at it
One day left to post on this mission. I will personally give an acceptable emissary to any Force Ops members that post on this thread before 11:59 10-25 server time.


That failed, at least I still have all my monsters....

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