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Phantoms Signature shop
Welcome to Phantoms Signature Shop !
This shop is for any anime picture you would like.
If you want to find me, PM me here or in-game same name.
iCan only do one pic per signature. That being said, please pick your favorite anime characters , and please let me do the rest. iWill post your sig with your username
It may take me awhile to finish all of your sigs so please be patient with me.
As to be fair to all customers, only 1 signature every 3 days
Please post in this format;
3 of your favorite anime characters:
Examples of my Work:
[Image: dexmz.jpg][Image: shadowp.jpg]
[Image: sasukesd.jpg][Image: viper1x.jpg]
[Image: snesjc.jpg][Image: uchihaclan.png]
[Image: icyv.png][Image: gokur.png]
[Image: sasukeredone1.png][Image: shadowcy.png]
How to Pay
(Limited time Offer) Free signatures until we have reached 25
Current Projects
Signature Shop
Are these like Josh's were its someone else's sig and you just add a name.
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

[Image: k29ed.jpg]
no iMade mine by scratch using gimp iAM watching tutorials right now
Signature Shop
Can you put a junk monster on sale for 200k? ill donate 100k and pay 100k for the same 2500 pts like shadow.. :o
[Image: 4ab640cb58ed8813afd342449a09e628.jpg]
 3DS FC: 0103-9714-7767
 Name: Dexter
 Friend Safari: Electric

guppy, u must really love ur eevees.
haha viper yu want a sig for free ?
Signature Shop
well, may i c a sample, plz?
who do yu want ?
Signature Shop
for me, i mean. i see guppy's and yours, and shadow's, but i want to see another example.

idk, a serperior?
iKnow name a anime character, pokemon, or something and ill see what iCan do
Signature Shop
all right, thanks. Big Grin
okay .
do yu have a anime character in mind ?
Signature Shop
wow, looks great. brava, phantom.
Smile Tongue Big Grin
let's give it up. *applause*
Thank yu, so do yu want one ?
Signature Shop
i'll give u 100k to keep it up there. Tongue
hey phantom i know you said only anime, but would you be willing to do a batman one for me?
by the way, guppy, r u still in team quem?
viper... i was never in team quem...

(2012-09-09, 01:25 AM)Viperianw Wrote: guppy, u must really love ur eevees.
yes i totally love them ._.'
[Image: 4ab640cb58ed8813afd342449a09e628.jpg]
 3DS FC: 0103-9714-7767
 Name: Dexter
 Friend Safari: Electric

snes, batman is a animated character lmao
Signature Shop
Hey phantom, those look pretty sweet man. Think you could do one for me with Yuske from Yu Yu Hakusho doing something cool like spirt gun or something?
i was his first costumer Smile lol
oh man, thats awesome!! thanks phantom. and yeah, but anime usually refer to the japanese animation doesn't it? thats what i have always asumed.
but this is great. Big Grin
hey can you make me torterra, garchamp and minato singatures?
[Image: 30.png] Captain of KARNAGE (PTD)
May i have an Itachi one please :0
[Image: GildartzSigfinished.png]
Be Blinded By My Prowess
Uchiha clan - iMade two for Yu . One with just itachi and one with itachi Sasuke and obito
Slim- I'm not sure who's who in Yu Yu saying iHavent watched it in years is yusuke the one with the green outfit and uses his fingers as a blast gun thing
Honchkrow- iAm getting your pics now
Signature Shop
i want 1 with goku(dragon ball z) on it with my name lol
since its free
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
phantom, can u get me a serperior, torterra, and a charizard?
IWill Ty and do Yu apps please give me time
Signature Shop
you should make your letters fancy -3-
And you should make the picture blend in with the background.
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

[Image: k29ed.jpg]
IMin trying, remember this is my first time doing this iAm still practicing . But thanks for the advice Big Grin
Signature Shop

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