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Force Ops Recruiting Initiative (rewards)
[Image: is.php?i=145359&]

Force operation is recruiting!!

Force Operation is the next generation of guilds. Though we are new, we are dedicated to turn anyone into a dangerous PvP opponent, and to make the Monster mmorpg experience the best. We are active and alive, and have solid leadership. This team will not die and will not go inactive. We will have weekly events and special missions. but we need more members! So for a limited time only, the leaders will give every entrant a decent pvp monster and 200k, and for every person a member recruits, will receive another monster or 100k. This is a great time to get more active, to hone your pvp skill, and to help others do the same.

if your interested you can post here, on the official website, or give me or any of the leaders/co leader a pm. After you receive confirmation, please post on the main page so phantom can add you, and make your membership official. thanks you

here are links you will need:

all these are Force Ops affiliated threads. For those who are new, it would be a good idea to get familiar with them, and see how the team operates.

oh and all the monsters are posted here, so first come first serve Smile concussion, spirlaxy Wary, engiron verve, yetee verve, Alaclipse trembling, wiskcicle Quantum, Gryvolt Quantum, polnorso obliterate, yetee mirage, Engiron impulse, gryvolt impulse, dimagem impenetrable, gilizar hallucination, gryvolt discreet, socilec blithe, engiron bursting, spirlaxy impulse, miroshen
I think i would like to join, Pvp is my favority part of the game and it sounds like this team is all about that.
I'm all in, and id like to call dibbs on that nice hallu gryvolt please
sweet, just give me a link to your in game profile and i can give you your reward.
ok no problem.. hey, question, is this the official team thread here or is there another one with team members and leaders listed?

btw heres my link:

Also, i havent been able to pvp as much yet because im still getting my first team pvp ready to lvl 100 but once i do that ill be pvping all the time
we do have an official team page. heres a link
we are fairly new so we don't have a lot of members. we will probably start you at a trainee, until you have completed some missions, which if you read the ranking system you'll understand. and the missions are on a separate thread.

oh and don't worry, i am still working on a pvp team myself.
great thread lemme go get these links for the monsters give me a sec
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Lmao this is so funny...ur basically bribing people to join.
[Image: 34fxtdy.jpg]
well whatever works. plus i need to get rid of some monsters so this works.
Do I just click on a monster to join?
no ill put your name up on the Force Operations page
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but you do get a monster and 200k. just give a link to your in game profile.
yah and we will replienish the monsters once they are all gone (:
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hey, noelle do u still want a monster? you do get one.
(2012-08-21, 02:46 AM)Snes Wrote: hey, noelle do u still want a monster? you do get one.
So that everybody knows . this is not a source of bribery. We have to approve of Yu before Yu join the guild. These rewards are only given to the members that have been appointed by me or my co-leaders
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yes, this is just to help start up a pvp team, and especially for those who are just starting. Our goal is to prepare pvp elite, this is just a jump start.
Ill join
okay pick a monster from abbove
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i pick this one trembling, wiskcicle
I wanna join
hi maeve lol
Hi again! Tongue
now pick a moster from the links above
i recommend this one mirage, Engiron
I want that one!

so what happens now? O.o
ok i did this
Have a game rank between 1,000-10,0000

ok nvm srry

ok but i do have this one
Have a PvP team with lv's 50+ srry sbout before
post your completed missions on the MISSIONS THREAD please (:
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sorry guys i didn't post sooner, just shoot me a pm with the link of the monster you want, and have a monster on trade that you don't want and i will offer there. oh and if i forget, remind me to give you 200k aswell. hope you guys like the guild.
wow, i just gave you a monster and now you want out?
click here poke
i want to join
hes new to this but i recruited him Smile

(2012-09-01, 08:15 PM)Pokemaniac8 Wrote: i want to join

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