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Version 2.6.6 Beta
✓ MonsterMMORPG F2P Indie Pokemon Style 2000+ Monster Game 16 September 2015 update change logs V 2.6.6 Beta

✓ Please read previous version change logs as well from here:

✓ Chat rules updated no more advertising allowed in the general chat only at the trade chat allowed :

✓ New event type added to the game
✓ From now on, once per 6 minutes, a new catch event will start
✓ Each catch event will last 1 hour
✓ At these events, un-catchable on the maps Monsters will appear
✓ You will see events at the new chat panel events tab

[Image: event_by_monstermmorpg-d99rwhw.png]

✓ Simple AttackDex added to the game
✓ There is no filtering or pagination at the moment thus all attacks are listed in a single page which can force your computer Smile
✓ You can access it under MonsterDex tab at the menu bar
✓ Link: ☑

✓ Recoil damage moves damage capped to enemy Monster maximum HP. If it is suicide move, you will still get fainted

✓ Fixed major bug at PvP battles. No more crashes should happen anymore
✓ PvP battles action time increased from 15 seconds to 20 seconds
✓ Due to this fix some changes made at item usage system. If you encounter any weirdness please let us know immediately at item usage especially in battle

✓ Now all Monsters in that map will get equal boost from escape counters :

✓ Several moves that uses these mechanics fixed (e.g. uses enemy Defense instead of SpDefense, or uses Attack instead of SpAttack)

✓ New MonsterMMORPG Facebook APP : ☑
✓ Please play and rate 5 stars our game

✓ All unfinished battles got wiped for performance boost
✓ PvP Battle Board and requests history deleted because of unfinished battles wipe

✓ All Monsters and NPCs on maps re-assigned

✓ New giveaway and other events continue at Facebook follow Facebook page: ☑

✓ Event started
✓ During event EXP and Gold boost is 100%

✓ Official following social media channels are fully started please follow all of them
☑ MonsterMMORPG Youtube :
☑ MonsterMMORPG Facebook :
☑ MonsterMMORPG Google+ :
☑ MonsterMMORPG Twitter :
☑ MonsterMMORPG Linkedin :
☑ MonsterMMORPG DeviantArt :
☑ MonsterMMORPG Android APP :
☑ MonsterMMORPG Facebook APP :

☑ The following monsters added or images updated (some also have type update too) to the game

[Image: 13-Gigerath.png] [Image: 131-Triffy.png] [Image: 132-Trivie.png] [Image: 152-Cluckoon.png] [Image: 153-Cockattri.png] [Image: 172-Sonui.png] [Image: 173-Harmuri.png] [Image: 174-Orchistori.png] [Image: 226-Ghlore.png] [Image: 227-Ghalare.png] [Image: 228-Ghoulster.png] [Image: 286-Clarubius.png] [Image: 294-Zeremon.png] [Image: 295-Evemon.png] [Image: 312-Cerfal.png] [Image: 313-Cervoyal.png] [Image: 320-Garguiem.png] [Image: 321-Gargouille.png] [Image: 326-Garmar.png] [Image: 327-Marchosias.png] [Image: 344-Mooshelg.png] [Image: 345-Volcoro.png] [Image: 346-Vondride.png] [Image: 347-Magmadron.png] [Image: 459-Hoodee.png] [Image: 460-Greenee.png] [Image: 566-Foxycut.png] [Image: 567-Kurama.png] [Image: 898-Hydrocus.png] [Image: 926-Mamoreon.png] [Image: 1278-Flameelynx.png] [Image: 1316-Chocouno.png] [Image: 1318-Seadrigone.png] [Image: 1319-Quilava.png] [Image: 1382-Glidish.png] [Image: 1425-Chroka.png] [Image: 1426-Chrosky.png] [Image: 1427-Chromai.png] [Image: 1478-Hedgehood.png] [Image: 1479-Grassassin.png] [Image: 1613-Gleaminasect.png] [Image: 1639-Wappa.png] [Image: 1754-Duscre.png] [Image: 1774-Dahound.png] [Image: 1828-Taimuslash.png] [Image: 1836-Stonic.png] [Image: 1837-Stolizard.png] [Image: 1912-Kukunochi.png] [Image: 2020-Zifermon.png] [Image: 2021-Blarax.png] [Image: 2022-Scrax.png] [Image: 2023-Arowayana.png] [Image: 2024-Vladepes.png] [Image: 2025-Speedsect.png] [Image: 2026-Basilisk.png] [Image: 2027-Landrake.png] [Image: 2028-Caprimon.png] [Image: 2029-Oblivion.png] [Image: 2030-Deadythe.png] [Image: 2031-Abaribion.png] [Image: 2032-Vareetus.png] [Image: 2033-Kalmauro.png] [Image: 2034-Sensoreptile.png] [Image: 2035-Graguar.png] [Image: 2036-Searpent.png] [Image: 2037-Amaterasu.png] [Image: 10016-Giga-Basilisk.png] [Image: 10017-Giga-Volcaurus.png]

Monster MMORPG V 2.6.6 update news source
✓ Chat rules updated no more advertising allowed in the general chat only at the trade chat allowed :
Okay good to know, been away for so long, also need to go hunt that new Ancient, sad to see starter weekend event change, but oh well
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But I Do Not Play Anymore
bonus exp event ended

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