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shop part 3 how can buy any item from bajaar
For new player 

If you did not read 

Read Shop part 1 how can buy any item from NPC?

Read Shop part 2 how can sell any item at NPC?

There is something you must understand
Bazaar items are selling by real people (Game player). Anyone can buy items if any player is selling if nobody is selling then you can't buy. And the price of item is not fixed its all depend on the seller of item.

Let's start

1[sup]st[/sup]  Find shop 

This is a blue building (you can find Shop in every city or town)

[Image: shop_by_gurvinders1666-d9p9r92.jpg] 
2nd Enter in shop 

[Image: 6_b_by_gurvinders1666-d9p9r4j.jpg]

3rd In the shop you will find 6 button

Button no. 3 is “Buy item from bazaar”

[Image: buy_item_from_bazaar_monstermmorpg_by_gu...9xj862.jpg]

click it

4[sup]th[/sup] Find which item do you want buy 

you have 7 way to find items

1st order by price 

2nd Filter by seller name 

3rd Search By Price Interval

4th Filter by item name

5th Filter by item type 

6th Search by item name 

7th By page

[Image: find_item_from_bazaar_monstermmorpg_by_g...9xjcem.jpg]

Now you can see seller's profile and pm icon (if you want chat with him/her on anything like price of item or ex.). and how many piece one sell and what is price of per piece.

[Image: see_all_item_from_bazaar_monstermmorpg_b...9xjcx9.jpg]
5th buy it 

1st enter how my amount you want 

[Image: enter_amount_monstermmorpg_by_gurvinders...9xjf7z.jpg]

2nd click on buy button 

[Image: buy_item__monstermmorpg_by_gurvinders1666-d9xjfhy.jpg]


[Image: done__bazaar_monstermmorpg_by_gurvinders...9xjfyk.jpg]

Note: you can not buy item if you have not gold amount as price amount.

If anyone thinks I made any mistake or something is missing can reply. MOST WELLCOME
It's nice ^^

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