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Shop part 1 how can buy any item from NPC?
For new player 

There is something you must understand

NPC items are selling by the game system. In NPC! Items are unlimited forever. Anyone can buy item anytime in same price

let's start 

1[sup]st[/sup] Find shop

This is a blue building (you can find shop in every city or town)

[Image: shop_by_gurvinders1666-d9p9r92.jpg]

2[sup]nd[/sup] Enter in the shop
[Image: 6_b_by_gurvinders1666-d9p9r4j.jpg]

3[sup]rd[/sup] In the shop you will find 6 button

Button no. 1 is "Buy Item from NPC"

[Image: 1st_b_by_gurvinders1666-d9p9r4c.jpg]

Click it

There is two side items left and right side

In the left side items are your items

[Image: li_by_gurvinders1666-d9p9r85.jpg]

And in the right side items are NPC items which you can buy

[Image: r_by_gurvinders1666-d9p9r8j.jpg]

4[sup]th[/sup] Find that item which you want to buy

you have 4 way to find your item for 

1[sup]st[/sup] By pages

[Image: b_p_by_gurvinders1666-d9p9r5k.jpg]

2[sup]nd[/sup] Filter by Name

[Image: f_n_by_gurvinders1666-d9p9r7d.jpg]

3[sup]rd[/sup] By first letter of item

[Image: f_f_l_by_gurvinders1666-d9p9r71.jpg]

4[sup]th[/sup] Filter by type

[Image: f_t_by_gurvinders1666-d9p9r7i.jpg]

After found item

5[sup]th[/sup] Buy it 

1[sup]st[/sup] See what is the price of item

[Image: s_p_by_gurvinders1666-d9p9r8s.jpg]

Have you that much gold if yes you can buy if not you can't buy

[Image: h_m_by_gurvinders1666-d9p9r7s.jpg]

2[sup]nd[/sup] Enter how many amount you want

[Image: e_a_by_gurvinders1666-d9p9r6d.jpg]

3[sup]rd[/sup] Click on "buy" button

[Image: c_b_by_gurvinders1666-d9p9r5w.jpg]


[Image: d_by_gurvinders1666-d9p9r69.jpg]

Read shop part 2 how can sell any item at NPC?

Read shop part 3 how can buy any item from bazaar

If anyone thinks I made any mistake or something is missing can reply. MOST WELLCOME
ty very much

please fix images some of them doesnt work

you can get a deviantart account for free and upload there and use direct image links from there

also pm me in game to get a legendary monster reward Smile
next parts is added
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