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Version 3.0.5 Beta
MonsterMMORPG F2P Indie Pokemon Style 2300+ Monster Game 16 February 2017 update change logs V 3.0.5 Beta

✓ Please read previous version change logs as well from here:

✓ Edit 2017.02.17 : Random forced battles are completely removed upon requests

✓ We have moved to V 3.0.5 from V 3.0.1 because this was a cumulative update

✓ A new team option Display_Team added to the team setup page:

✓ Now all NPCs represents their zone types much better. So you are more likely to see Electric type Monster in Electric Arena and Electric Zone NPCs

✓ Number of NPCs in each route is increased to 3 from 2

✓ The reward system of NPCs are improved. Now they give more valuable rewards

✓ The description of all moves are improved. If you see any errors etc., please let me know so we can fix and improve their description

✓ The sorting of the AttackDex is changed to first move's type then the move's name. Filtering and many more sorting will come soon hopefully:

✓ The frequency of the security question is halved. Now it will take 500 actions till it appears. So it will be less annoying

✓ We are mass improving the overall artwork quality of the entire game. We will continue to improve bad looking artworks. Please report which artworks you find as annoying

✓ The bonus EXP event that has been on going over 6 months is ended because the EXP amount of NPCs are up to 10 times more in some routes. New events will come hopefully soon

✓ Try to recover all of your deleted PMs in your inbox feature is added to the game. You can try to recover from your control panel now :

✓ Now you can link to usernames in chat that has up to 3 space letters such as @Mysterious Man

✓ Escape Rope item added to the market. Now you can teleport out of caves to their entrances. Item can be purchased from the market

✓ From now on, the maximum inflicted damage is limited to enemy's current HP as requested. Let me know if any error happens

✓ Stat increases will be displayed at the battle result page when your Monster level ups

✓ The exp bonus is increased for level 50 below Monster. Here the current bonuses
☑ Level 1-10 : +400%
☑ Level 11-25 : +300%
☑ Level 26-35 : +200%
☑ Level 35-49 : +100%

✓ The annoying alert message that comes after every battle if your Monster learns move is removed. It will appear only 1 time per session you play

✓ The Events Chat Pokemon appear rates are increased. The new starting events will be the below rates:
☑ Zenith class is increased from 0.08% to 0.16%
☑ Starter class is increased from 0.05% to 0.10%
☑ Legendary class is increased from 0.04% to 0.08%
☑ Ancient class is increased from 0.01% to 0.03%

✓ The move Struggle is removed from live PvP battles. This move appears when all PP of your Monster is depleted

✓ The minimum HP thresholds for throwing a MonsterBoxes are increased to following values. So now for throwing a MonsterBox to catch an Ancient class Monster you need to decrease its hp to at the very least 60% of its maximum HP
☑ Regular = 95% > 100%
☑ Superior = 85% > 90%
☑ Emissary = 75% > 80%
☑ Zenith = 50% > 75%
☑ Starter = 0% > 75%
☑ Legendary = 35% > 70%
☑ Ancient = 25% > 60%

✓ The number of different items each NPC gets is limited to 10. So the count of items are increased to match the reward

✓ The power of each Monster are categorized into 20 different power classes when assigning teams of NPCs
✓✓ The stat ranges are like below and their category level
200 - 252 : Zone 1
252 - 304 : Zone 1
304 - 356 : Zone 2 and above
356 - 408 : Zone 3 and above
408 - 460 : Zone 4 and above
460 - 512 : Zone 5 and above
512 - 564 : Zone 6 and above
564 - 616 : Zone 7 and above
616 - 668 : Zone 8 and above
668 - 720 : Zone 9 and above
720 - 772 : Zone 10 and above
772 - 824 : Zone 11 and above
824 - 876 : Zone 12 and above
876 - 928 : Zone 13 and above
928 - 980 : Zone 14 and above
980 - 1032 : Zone 15 and above
1032 - 1084 : Zone 16 and above
1084 - 1136 : Zone 17 and above
1136 - 1188 : Zone 18 and above
1188+ : Zone 19 and above

✓ Another fundemental improvement is, when the Monster are sorted for assigning them to the NPCs, they are first sorted by the zone type of that NPCs. For example in a Grass Zone NPC, Grass Monsters will be sorted to top. Thus, now all NPCs represents their Zone's type much much better

✓ The assignment algorithm for all Elite NPCs are modified. From now on, no matter in which zone, the elites will get their team from entire MonsterDex. So it doesn't matter anymore whether those Monster appear in that zone or not. Thus, they are much more balanced and represents their zone type.

✓ Held Item assignment to the Daily Boss Battle Monsters are fixed. No more useless held items due to type mismatch will be assigned.

✓ Usage of Net items for catching water Monsters will also increase Monster Escape Counters from now on :

✓ Sort by TP reward points added to the MonsterDex. Check it out :

✓ Emoji added to the chat screen. For emoji to work, chat typing panel moved to the top from bottom.
✓ We also have added some shortcuts and we can add more as you wish:
[Image: emoji_list_by_monstermmorpg-dax0bxt.png]

✓ There was an annoying bug which was causing multiple click to navigate between menu pages in some browsers. This bug is fixed.

✓ Another mistake is fixed when assigning wild Monster on the maps. Some types will now never appear in certain zones.
The computer tries to assign certain number of Monster to the each route according it its zone type.

✓ These number is dynamically determined based on percentages. Here this percentage file:

✓ We can modify percentages according to your ideas. As can be seen now certain zones will not have certain types. E.g. no fire type in Grass zone. Even if 1 type of the dual type Monster is fire, it will not appear in Grass zone.

✓ Maximum allowed number of Monsters per account can have increased to 6,000 from 4,000 as requested

✓ New battle result system. Now you can teach or forget a move to multiple Monster in 1 battle. Moreover, it will properly parse the message. Also you can forget multiple moves in 1 battle now

✓ New Monster escape feature added to the game. From now on, when you encounter a wild Monster, if that Monster's level is 15+ level higher than the highest level Monster in your team, it will automatically escape without even battling. For example lets say your highest level Monster in your team is 44. In this case, you can hunt maximum up to 59 level Monster. This rule does not apply to NPC battles

✓ Wild character search feature added to the all pages that has Monster name filtering. For example in Monster page if you type as a name arct, the following Monster will be listed to you
#1 Arctle
#1329 Arctofuda
#1925 Arctocephalus

✓ The algorithm that determines events chat Monsters improved. It will select among Monsters which none of the forms appear on any maps. So if any form of that particular Monsters appears on any of the maps, it will not get selected as events chat Monster. This rule does not apply to Ancient class monsters. So ancient class Monsters can still appear

✓ There was a glitch which was causing posted message to link to the mentioned user in the chat screen. It is fixed

✓ The wild monsters on maps assignment algorithm is completely revamped. Now both the appear ratios and the classes will be much better balanced. We are still open to your suggestions

✓ We continue to improve overall artwork quality of the game. Thus, artworks, types and moves of the many Monsters are replaced.

✓ All unfinished battles got wiped for performance boost
✓ PvP Battle Board and requests history deleted because of unfinished battles wipe
✓ All Monster and NPCs on maps re-assigned
✓ All chat history erased

✓ Inactive account wipe happened in order to improve overall game performance and free up system resources
✓ Wiped accounts are basically did not play game. Simply registered and left
✓ In order to an account get deleted it has to satisfy all below conditions
☑ Must have less than 200k Gold
☑ Must have less than 20 total battles
☑ Must have less than total 20 Monster
☑ Must be inactive over 30 days
☑ Must not have any Monster over level 89

✓ New MonsterMMORPG Facebook APP : ☑
✓ Please play and rate 5 stars our game

✓ Official following social media channels are fully started please follow all of them
☑ MonsterMMORPG Youtube :
☑ MonsterMMORPG Facebook :
☑ MonsterMMORPG Google+ :
☑ MonsterMMORPG Twitter :
☑ MonsterMMORPG Linkedin :
☑ MonsterMMORPG DeviantArt :
☑ MonsterMMORPG Android APP :
☑ MonsterMMORPG Facebook APP :

✓ The following Monsters are added to the game as new monsters (136)

[Image: 2156-Birb.png] [Image: 2157-Cunair.png] [Image: 2158-Craymacro.png] [Image: 2159-Craycarcinu.png] [Image: 2160-Craybrachium.png] [Image: 2161-Armax.png] [Image: 2162-Arprodillo.png] [Image: 2163-Maxdillo.png] [Image: 2164-Dracolor.png] [Image: 2165-Slade.png] [Image: 2166-Mammut.png] [Image: 2167-Golddigon.png] [Image: 2168-Pentaceratops.png] [Image: 2169-Cryogon.png] [Image: 2170-Coldbear.png] [Image: 2171-Confbear.png] [Image: 2172-Corock.png] [Image: 2173-Fluffydog.png] [Image: 2174-Aeros.png] [Image: 2175-Pelican.png] [Image: 2176-Quake.png] [Image: 2177-Rumble.png] [Image: 2178-Crumble.png] [Image: 2179-Jrava.png] [Image: 2180-Kelloggi.png] [Image: 2181-Chelus.png] [Image: 2182-Icefox.png] [Image: 2183-Gymnotiformes.png] [Image: 2184-Togede.png] [Image: 2185-Firebadger.png] [Image: 2186-Volcabull.png] [Image: 2187-Nisky.png] [Image: 2188-Fimosdrill.png] [Image: 2189-Sackorst.png] [Image: 2190-Oldclosth.png] [Image: 2191-Moustail.png] [Image: 2192-Dolpink.png] [Image: 2193-Primartle.png] [Image: 2194-Crowture.png] [Image: 2195-Jabiuiu.png] [Image: 2196-Capemyr.png] [Image: 2197-Gourdull.png] [Image: 2198-Pumkid.png] [Image: 2199-Jackoween.png] [Image: 2200-Sweetling.png] [Image: 2201-Sugarcoon.png] [Image: 2202-Drycamoth.png] [Image: 2203-Dodo.png] [Image: 2204-Reven.png] [Image: 2205-Trioceros.png] [Image: 2206-Beerenlagann.png] [Image: 2207-Bludshed.png] [Image: 2208-Gourgantuan.png] [Image: 2209-Kinnikudun.png] [Image: 2210-Diode.png] [Image: 2211-Houndbones.png] [Image: 2212-Ticklystuff.png] [Image: 2213-Metaslug.png] [Image: 2214-Gomobear.png] [Image: 2215-Xenomorph.png] [Image: 2216-Dynamouse.png] [Image: 2217-Pyrode.png] [Image: 2218-Raxplode.png] [Image: 2219-Debrug.png] [Image: 2220-Crisacid.png] [Image: 2221-Mothellian.png] [Image: 2222-Quetzaja.png] [Image: 2223-Carharpy.png] [Image: 2224-Hornuken.png] [Image: 2225-Collecrow.png] [Image: 2226-Ravenatch.png] [Image: 2227-Astradrago.png] [Image: 2228-Monking.png] [Image: 2229-Quagirtle.png] [Image: 2230-Amury.png] [Image: 2231-Crystalice.png] [Image: 2232-Anciect.png] [Image: 2233-Rolbo.png] [Image: 2234-Elecroid.png] [Image: 2235-Termoroid.png] [Image: 2236-Sageshroom.png] [Image: 2237-Soffovine.png] [Image: 2238-Thermian.png] [Image: 2239-Pongulf.png] [Image: 2240-Liria.png] [Image: 2241-Streecky.png] [Image: 2242-Mistreecky.png] [Image: 2243-Terromine.png] [Image: 2244-Musiceon.png] [Image: 2245-Deerush.png] [Image: 2246-Hartree.png] [Image: 2247-Elegantler.png] [Image: 2248-Melegantler.png] [Image: 2249-Heabbit.png] [Image: 2250-Coalbit.png] [Image: 2251-Rabburst.png] [Image: 2252-Meabburst.png] [Image: 2253-Sealter.png] [Image: 2254-Saberus.png] [Image: 2255-Swirlpard.png] [Image: 2256-Mewirlpard.png] [Image: 2257-Sheeby.png] [Image: 2258-Auries.png] [Image: 2259-Ethereon.png] [Image: 2260-Sttratic.png] [Image: 2261-Morshout.png] [Image: 2262-Nimbrellus.png] [Image: 2263-Nankurr.png] [Image: 2264-Bladniras.png] [Image: 2265-Meturtodon.png] [Image: 2266-Fursona.png] [Image: 2267-Bastilousrex.png] [Image: 2268-Zetuian.png] [Image: 2269-Colossus.png] [Image: 2270-Mudmon.png] [Image: 2271-Magseahors.png] [Image: 2272-Augurost.png] [Image: 2273-Darkantler.png] [Image: 2274-Poistross.png] [Image: 2275-Greenhorn.png] [Image: 2276-Lazytiger.png] [Image: 2277-Grimgrinning.png] [Image: 2278-Beastrove.png] [Image: 2279-Wolficy.png] [Image: 2280-Darkwolf.png] [Image: 2281-Micrathene.png] [Image: 2282-Blueyes.png] [Image: 2283-Woodpecker.png] [Image: 2284-Picsart.png] [Image: 2285-Sharjaw.png] [Image: 2286-Kaprohiss.png] [Image: 2287-Arxon.png] [Image: 2288-Wereon.png] [Image: 2289-Spinoflax.png] [Image: 2290-Swayal.png] [Image: 2291-Woolbon.png]

✓ The images, types, names and moves of the following monsters are changed (134) except 20 of them have got only move change and 5 them have got image and name change. If you have any of these monsters, if their move pools are re-assigned, then the moveset of your monsters are also got reset

[Image: 131-Spraypin.png] [Image: 132-Korofoam.png] [Image: 146-Chamelerike.png] [Image: 147-Warleon.png] [Image: 150-Bombro.png] [Image: 151-Bombage.png] [Image: 250-Claybara.png] [Image: 251-Jabbara.png] [Image: 257-Feral.png] [Image: 258-Rareel.png] [Image: 264-Lamblint.png] [Image: 265-Ighipe.png] [Image: 266-Alpharno.png] [Image: 287-Drafathery.png] [Image: 294-Louneer.png] [Image: 295-Wissel.png] [Image: 344-Meleeon.png] [Image: 520-Gorgops.png] [Image: 521-Pentlandi.png] [Image: 535-Liquara.png] [Image: 536-Toatana.png] [Image: 537-Mosstery.png] [Image: 602-Kaplus.png] [Image: 603-Kainchus.png] [Image: 604-Kapponado.png] [Image: 608-Charmadillo.png] [Image: 609-Volcarret.png] [Image: 610-Ausbraze.png] [Image: 615-Slutdrice.png] [Image: 616-Finser.png] [Image: 617-Gaizher.png] [Image: 618-Pressice.png] [Image: 670-Luppy.png] [Image: 671-Deorinu.png] [Image: 783-Bulkybear.png] [Image: 819-Banubis.png] [Image: 820-Nuberraf.png] [Image: 862-Inagua.png] [Image: 863-Inagon.png] [Image: 864-Iguank.png] [Image: 895-Dilophosaurus.png] [Image: 938-Okaboo.png] [Image: 939-Choublast.png] [Image: 948-Dryigor.png] [Image: 952-Canislupus.png] [Image: 969-Drumfo.png] [Image: 970-Boomord.png] [Image: 1005-Mushroute.png] [Image: 1027-Baorc.png] [Image: 1028-Maohking.png] [Image: 1046-Sandmule.png] [Image: 1062-Fueriga.png] [Image: 1063-Wresmire.png] [Image: 1076-Berasus.png] [Image: 1077-Scoltch.png] [Image: 1078-Equinenox.png] [Image: 1082-Peckid.png] [Image: 1083-Aviather.png] [Image: 1084-Sopheather.png] [Image: 1161-Lykoi.png] [Image: 1176-Varginha.png] [Image: 1177-Vargient.png] [Image: 1184-Scarttish.png] [Image: 1196-Sounik.png] [Image: 1197-Tecouno.png] [Image: 1216-Pelursa.png] [Image: 1217-Cotturso.png] [Image: 1257-Manakete.png] [Image: 1259-Masterape.png] [Image: 1263-Thraxian.png] [Image: 1275-Monarch.png] [Image: 1281-Caveon.png] [Image: 1283-Niorotal.png] [Image: 1285-Reptikan.png] [Image: 1289-Cherubeon.png] [Image: 1308-Tardidragon.png] [Image: 1315-Spiriteon.png] [Image: 1392-Ghosthead.png] [Image: 1393-Ghostrunner.png] [Image: 1394-Sarkgron.png] [Image: 1395-Sarkidosion.png] [Image: 1436-Grepal.png] [Image: 1437-Vwine.png] [Image: 1454-Lulanchor.png] [Image: 1455-Cololanchor.png] [Image: 1461-Shockbeast.png] [Image: 1462-Darkhorn.png] [Image: 1463-Cinpan.png] [Image: 1464-Embermit.png] [Image: 1475-Pluff.png] [Image: 1488-Ottermon.png] [Image: 1491-Cloverange.png] [Image: 1524-Wrangeli.png] [Image: 1526-Plaguette.png] [Image: 1527-Alchemistry.png] [Image: 1538-Iguitrichic.png] [Image: 1556-Ookichia.png] [Image: 1582-Wooly.png] [Image: 1584-Pillarwyrm.png] [Image: 1624-Tentalge.png] [Image: 1625-Chloralge.png] [Image: 1626-Hydralge.png] [Image: 1704-Savagefury.png] [Image: 1708-Pliotaxidea.png] [Image: 1717-Bearbeast.png] [Image: 1744-Garganteuthis.png] [Image: 1749-Kingbull.png] [Image: 1775-Versathal.png] [Image: 1816-Silkeon.png] [Image: 1840-Gongylodes.png] [Image: 1903-Rattlefang.png] [Image: 1904-Rattlesus.png] [Image: 1905-Rattlasgon.png] [Image: 1921-Wispaur.png] [Image: 1922-Phanatos.png] [Image: 1925-Arctocephalus.png] [Image: 1933-Cowly.png] [Image: 1978-Pachycephalosaurus.png] [Image: 1985-Redsala.png] [Image: 1988-Dramazon.png] [Image: 1991-Mortygen.png] [Image: 1993-Fruff.png] [Image: 1994-Glamir.png] [Image: 1995-Monarcoone.png] [Image: 1999-Tytoalba.png] [Image: 2002-Psaraminae.png] [Image: 2012-Maculatum.png] [Image: 2032-Aythya.png] [Image: 2033-Gigaia.png] [Image: 2054-Wogwog.png] [Image: 2055-Kingfly.png] [Image: 2057-Bradypus.png] [Image: 2146-Spelaea.png] [Image: 2148-Vermilingua.png]

Monster MMORPG V 3.0.5 update news source
thx for update
hope it increases activity in m3o
awesome cef 

i still think it should be v4 Big Grin 

thankyou for update~
Thanks man!
Was a much needed update Big Grin
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

The Rekfast Club
Thanks for the update cef^^
i hope this will revive the game and ppl will return and more new ppl will join here.
✓ Edit 2017.02.17 : Random forced battles are completely removed upon requests
wow sweet update cef thanks Wink
[Image: attachment.php?aid=446]
Thanks for UPDATE
It will make me more ACTIVE now Big Grin
I'm sorry but come on what are these? (just a xenomorph... even the name...aliens vs predators (nice movie)) (lapras pokemon) (snorlax pokemon) (elekid pokemon) (zangoose pokemon)

They are like blatant copies :/ wayyyy too similiar Smile
Literally so happy that my concept art is an ancient now Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin #Dracolor
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
(2017-02-17, 09:08 PM)geargirl Wrote: I'm sorry but come on what are these? (just a xenomorph... even the name...aliens vs predators (nice movie)) (lapras pokemon) (snorlax pokemon) (elekid pokemon) (zangoose pokemon)

They are like blatant copies :/ wayyyy too similiar Smile

Perfection doesn't exist. Seizes the moment, nothing lasts forever
Great Update Cefurkan, Keep up the great work.
i like this post..quite intresting
This article was really useful to me.I really appreciate it

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