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It wont let me say anything on chat. either if i post i goto the turk chat for no reason or it just takes a long time to load
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Hmm thats happens to me when i press enter on my old computer and well i can still chat on english

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oh noes Meta cant talk on chat Sad
On your old computer did u fix the problem?
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could be your enter key, sometimes if its to old, it wont hit it right and wont come up at but will still somehow register that u hit enter so you have to retype it, happened to me a lot, but i just recently got a new keyboard so it wouldnt happen
1st. i have a laptop. 2nd. its a brand new one?
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Nope i still have it but i just click on send button ...........maybe caplocks? scroll lock? I REALLY DNT KNOW

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also make sure u wait about 5-10 seconds in between entering messages in chat, sometimes it cant register it fast enough and may skip over what u were trying to enter
What emad? i dont understand lol.
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i have a laptop also, but the keyboard on it was cheap from the beginning, but its alright everywhere else, thats why i bought a keyboard for it, well not bought, i got this brand new HP keyboard for 1 dollar, lol
what i am saying is lets say u enter the message "LOL" then right after that u enter the Message "OK" the chat that monster mmorpg has set up wont register it because u entered it to quickly after ur first one, so u need to wait about 5-10 second in between sending messages to chat is what i meant Smile
I pressed send and its still not working lol
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but thats only if u enter them to fast so yeah
Well maybe its your internet connection?

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what? so how can i fix this? i waited like 20 secs then entered
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well its probably something wrong with your computer
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u sure its not your internet, r u connected to a wireless router? if so, just disconnect from it, also make sure your internet browser history is deleted. then restart your computer, when it comes to your desktop wait about 5 mins for it to load everything. Then reconnect to the internet. and it should be fine then. restart it dont shutdown Smile
I dont really think so.. and hello i have 100% working connection right now... and pein everything is working but the chat... i can even chat on aqw so..
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if u connected via LAN which basically means your laptop is connected to the internet with a ethernet cable. then just unplug that and plug it in when you desktop loads
I have no idea of 1 word u just said..ill just restart XDD
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Well, sometimes the simplest thing that may seem wrong with your computer can be solved with a simple restart, it works all the time for me Smile
aahhh srry meta, idk how computer savvy you r, so i tried to use words ud understand Sad
Okay it works now ty requesting thread lock please
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ok it will be soon
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Credits to SparrowHawk
thread locked
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thank you rollie.
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