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Crimson Fang Pirates - Mercenary Guild - Disbanded
[Image: CFPBanner-1.png]

Welcome to Crimson Talons.
We hope to give you a killer experience Cool

The type of monsters that we like are the ones that look the most fearsomeness and the ones that are the most fearsomeness.
We'd like to specialize in a few types, such as the new addition of Dragon, our signature Fighting, and our supportive Dark.

"We are Crimson Talons, the sharp blades that will pierce the soul and increase the fighting spirit!"

We are still fluctuating into becoming stronger, faster, tremendous, resourceful, and just plain BOSS!

We were born throughout a long, complicated history. We're always moving, always changing. Finding that right spot that calls out to us. Once we get an idea, we stick to it until a new one comes our way. A new one that improves us even better. Always improving, always growing.

We have experience with traitors, such as those who aren't loyal enough to stick with us but they will soon realize what we are made of and regret that decision! We will take down all others that stand in our way, that oppose us. This guild is full of bulldozers, trampling and taking anything that's in its path. A group of knights that will do anything by all means to protect the castle. Dragons that roam the skies and frightens everyone of our presence. We are Crimson Talons, the merciless guild.

What We Are
Crimson Talons is a Mercenary Guild. We are hired assassins.
We only work for those that pay well. Users that cannot undergo payments will not get what they asked for. Expensive, we are and will get revenge if cheated.

Business Center - To be Updated
Phantom Hawks - Kinda sucked.
Team Night Hawks - Favorited yet evil.

Our Signature Weapon
You may have thought that our talons are our weapons, but you're wrong. We wield the Crimson Bullet. The Crimson Bullet will pierce through your chest, into your heart and soul and increase your fighting ability. You will be given strength for battle and you will have a 98% chance of sheer victory!

Language Names
English - Crimson Talons / Crimson Fang Pirates
Japanese - Kurimuzon Taron / Kurimuzon Fangu Pairētsu
Spanish - Rojo Garras / Carmesi Colmillo Piratas
French - Pourpre Serres /

War Records - 0/0


Well, our new thread is this one and it will be constructed with its necessities. Some things will be deleted so it fully supports our new features. Evolving in appearance to be more attractive and the uncompleted features we used to have, are more to say completed now. Need a statistic? No you don't because you'll see what we have Cool

All those who are ranked above 20,000 (20,000 -> 40,000 -> 60,000 and so on) will receive a monster that is level 50+ from me, Kamidara. Just shoot me a pm here in the forum whenever you are ready to get the monster. I will only give them away by trading.
  • Front Page has been updated exponentially.
  • The Crimson Fang Pirates are still known as Crimson Talons.
  • We have received some new members and new friends.
  • Please donate to CrimsonTalons for future team events.
  • Still looking for a team artist.
  • From the request of a few members, we took a more pirate-like guild name. Crimson Fang Pirates, to match our One Piece theme.
  • We received a new logo/banner from Wulfpachi. He was paid 8,000,000 gold for it. Whenever you see him, thank him for the time he put into it.
  • Easy ranking tournament will be posted soon.
  • Tournament of Evaluation has been initiated. Everyone of CFP(CT) needs to partipicate. It's to help each other get better in PVP so the guild becomes stronger. When the guild becomes stronger, it's because the members became stronger together.
  • More tournaments and events will be added. You can always suggest new ideas.
  • IRemember is creating a pvp guide for all CFP members. You will be sent a pm about it.
  • Jaeto left and is welcomed back free of charge.
++++++!!!ALL NEWBIES READ!!!++++++
Hi there newbies, I'm SparrowHawk. You can call me Sparrow, Spar, Hawk, or SparrowHawk. Does not matter :/
I'm the captain of this crew and I welcome you.
Ifyou need any help, you can contact any member of the crew. You can alsoget outside crew help if you want :/ Most of us are kinda inactive so they might not respond for a while, so if you donot get a response, please try your luck with another user.

This is my in-game contact information, I am fairly active and inactive, so I'll answer your questions whenever I get the time to. I might be 19 hours late, sorry lol
SparrowHawk IGN Profile
Send SparrowHawk a pm!

Mypm box is almost always full =_= I just accidentally deleted ALL of my
messages, so you're in luck. Pm me with whatever you need help with, as long as it is related to game.
Also, another benefactor, I am a moderator here. If you have any problems with any other user, shoot me apm. I'll deal with them happily. Also, try and get a screenshot as well. Get their username, most important. Tell me what they did. Need a link to all the rules? I'll show you.

General Chat Rules
Rock Gyo's overall rules of our world
Shoshinryu's overall rules of our world

Now,on to the fun stuff. Welcome to Crimson Fang Pirates, this is our thread on our crew. All information is on the first page, obviously. I lead this crew, not as a leader mostly, but as the higher upon equal grounds. We're a team, we look out for each other, bla bla. We also likemoney. What pirate doesn't like money? If you don't like money and you're a pirate, bye bye lol (jk btw)Smile

We'll help you, you help us. One for all and all for one, right? Well, there's your introduction.
Other people you may contact that are also in this crew :
Subarashi's IGN Profile
Send Subarashi a pm!
^He's also a moderator.


[Image: CFPBanner2.png]
Requirements are in progress right now. Everyone that is already in does not need to meet these requirements. Now, recruiting will be tougher and so will joining.
Joining from Game
  • You will need at least 2 level 100s, all good for PVP.
  • Knowledge in PVP.
  • You will need a pure fighting type, a pure dark type, and a pure dragon type.
  • Activeness - You need to be active in the community. To be fair, you do not need to be active in the game as I am not right now but in the Summer, everyone is active in the game.
  • Knowledge of the game - Natures, UVs/TPs, Move-Sets, Maps, and such.
  • Average level is 65+
  • User is in the top 450.
Joining from Other Teams
You will be given 2 days before you can officially join. PVP users that are in the ranks Shichibukai, Impel Down, Yonkou, Revolutionary, and Pirate King. If all give you approval from battle, then you can join.

Team Status
Crimson Talons is recruiting right now. We need more members.

[Image: crimsonfangsbanner.png]

When Leaving Guild

Please contact Kamidara in forum or Red Hawk in game before making your
decision of leaving the guild. It's very rude just to come and tell me
that you quit. That will result in hard feelings and lowered
expectations of you. So, if you contact the boss if you are to decide to
leave, please do and maybe something can be arranged.

Members and Rankings
Do you have ranks yet? Yes sir, we have ranks sir! What are the ranks based off? Hehe, something that is SUPER!!!!! amazing.

The Ranking System in Question : In order to rank up, you must defeat those above you. The ranks that do not need to defeat anyone are those under Supernova. Once you become Captain Rank, you have to defeat the 11 Super Novas in order to rank up and replace.
As for Ranking Requirements : I'm not sure about it yet.

To move up from Pirate to Bounty-Hunter, defeat 2 level 100s from SparrowHawk.
To move up from Bounty-Hunter to Captain, defeat 4 level 100s from SparrowHawk.
To move up from Pirate to Captain, defeat 3 level 100s from SparrowHawk in 2 pvp matches. You have 2/3 to win. If you lose 2, try again the next day.
To rank up from SuperNova+ quickly, you have to defeat SparrowHawk 2/3 and donate 200,000 gold to the team's account. - CrimsonTalons

Pirate King
There is only room for 1 spot.
: SparrowHawk

*C.F.P.O.A Organization
Members are hidden.

Vice-Captain of the Pirate King - 300,000pts
There is only room for 1 spot.
: IRemember
(You can battle for this rank once you've met the requirement(s).)

Revolutionary - 3 Kings - 23,500pts
Room for 3 spots.
: RandyTenderan

Yonkou - 4 Emperors - 13,000pts
There is room for 4 spots.
: Edens

Impel Down - Prisoners - 5,000pts
Unlimited space.
: Fon21, MaliciousMonster, Spitsy, Cope35

Shichibukai - 7 Warlords - 2,600pts
There is room for 7 spots.
: ItsHowIRoll, skullboy, zealot28, Prince_Elijah

Supernova - 11 Rookies - 780pts
Room for 11 spots.
: Rock127, Pein, Lucius, DeathArcana, mindmage

Captain - 550pts
: Onizuka_Junior, Pingfengtou, auctioneer

Bounty-Hunter - 300pts
: vf_Nixa, Ellioum, Herostar, sc123, deiviss20

Pirate - 0pts
: Refrex, Walkenator25, CvSLUSH, apopka, oduhe1, Davipolis, Silent Espeon, RipKing21, Cpt. Obvious, ben333344

Extra Ranks (No Banner)

Captain of Foreign Affairs :

PVP Proficient : IRemember, Kamidara

Collector Proficient :

Spam Catcher(s) :

Team Recruiter(s) : Edens, IRemember

Event Host/Hostess :

Team Artist(s) : SparrowHawk

War Director :

The Nebulous Addendum - Not Open yet.
Welcome to the Nebulous Addendum, the part of the guild that absolutely specializes in Dark types. Here, you must know everything about dark types and collect dark types. Know their weaknesses, their strengths, and assist the whole guild with this knowledge. In this part of the guild, it's the darkest part. The most powerful? No. Only those who have what it takes to join this part of the guild can.

Star Monsters : Fendark, Ugoyle

How to Join
No information yet.

Current Price of Hire

The Aggressive Battalion - Not Open yet.
Welcome to the Aggressive Battalion where only the strong and mighty can incorporate. This part of the guild specializes in Fighting types. Know the fighting types, love the fighting types, experience the fight, and have the fighting spirit! This is probably the toughest part of the guild since it specializes in fighting types. Make the ultimate fighting monster.

Star Monsters : Wargile

How To Join
No information yet.

Current Price of Hire

The Merciless Basilisk Squadron - Not Open yet.
Ravenous, ferocious, vicious, monstrous things to ever inhabit the planet. Giant, scaly, ominous reptiles that roam the skies and terrify the land. Welcome, to the Merciless Basilisk Squadron, the part of the guild where the almighty dragons dwell. All dragon tamers welcome!!! Do you just absolutely love those creatures? Then join here. Create the empyrean dragon that rules over all! You all, specialize with dragons. Obtain all knowledge on these creatures and rule the world with their power.

Star Monsters : Prysma, Albinus, Ugoyle, Wargile, Cielon, Stromeleon, Chromaul, Sarcuda, Decesile, Dracorpio, Erdegon, Serperor, Orogond, Aurorile

How To Join
No information yet.

Current Price of Hire

The Valiant Paladins - Not Open Yet.
A special group fitting those who specialize in all fighting, dark, dragon, and light. The ones that come out on top, the ones that will always rise to victory, those that will shed the light of purity and reign over all. The Valiant Paladins. There can only be 5 people here since it is the significance of Crimson Talons. The purifying light that emanates from these 5 awesome people will keep you pure and strong. This is the toughest addition to be apart of.

Star Monsters :

How To Join
No information yet.

Current Price of Hire
$8,000,000 Gold.

Traitors/Banned Users Section
Those listed as traitors are those that decided to defy the law of loyalty and oppose us. We do not accept traitors but we may allow them back in with only a small fee to pay. The exiled must pay 250,000 gold to the team's account CrimsonTalons under authority of Kamidara. Kamidara must be contacted when a traitor wants to come back. There is no particular order of the usernames.

These are the Renegade Soldiers. Decided to give them a cool name.
  • Dark.Zero - Through tough times, dangerous oceans, horrifying cyclones, extreme battles that deemed hopeless, he has left us. He totally quit. '-'
Those listed as banned are those that annoyed the leader by clan-hopping and such, there are also other reasons as to why you are banned. You will not be able to get back into the guild.

These are the Eradicated Deadbeats.
  • Snorlax47 - Always clan hopping.
Members Forgotten but Never Gone!
I found the forum link and looked at the members list there. I found some users that I remember joining us but I will not add them immediately. I will need confirmation from them if they still wish to inhabit this guild. They are not of the traitor list, they were just accidentally forgotten. I'm sorry for forgetting you, it will not happen again. The users here are always welcomed back to Crimson Talons and we will give them lots of cookies and muffins.

  • RipKing21
  • Andrexon
  • Crazyhenry
  • Professor Ash
  • Rex_11rex
  • Decklin
  • NedeN
  • Christianduenas
Currently Inactive
Users inactive but not gone!
  • Edens
  • skullboy
  • zealot28
  • Ellioum
  • Fon21
  • auctioneer
  • oduhe1
  • IRemember
[Image: one%20piece%201920x1079%20wallpaper_www....com_34.jpg]
Aaaand...guess who's in!?
PS: Kami I am Steam848 (the guy who said am I in CT or not?)
Constantly dying yet never dead
(2012-03-18, 08:59 AM)Rock127 Wrote: Aaaand...guess who's in!?
PS: Kami I am Steam848 (the guy who said am I in CT or not?)
Oh o-o So you were always in <.<

wait so are the members who were in the old ct still members? or do we need to re-apply or something? >.>
(2012-03-18, 01:37 PM)iRemember Wrote: wait so are the members who were in the old ct still members? or do we need to re-apply or something? >.>
Should I make you guys re-join? ;D Nah, I already did that. Old CT members are still here but it would be nice to know who is in and who isn't >.<

I don't use the forum much myself.
can i join i got kicked out of akatslowi
(2012-03-19, 04:45 PM)reshilord Wrote: can i join i got kicked out of akatslowi
Sorry reshilord. We have some ties and agreements with Akatslowi. You weren't allowed here, you tried to join once but you were rejected already.

oh okay in that case i think i'm in ct :p
Hmm so am I still in team
[Image: ZekromSig.png]

Credits to SparrowHawk
Am I still in the team o.o? I was in it before it died o.o
[Image: tumblr_m8mm02adYC1qgqflko1_500.gif]
I have an interest in joining, my name here is the same as in game. You stated no requirements as of yet so i dont really know what else to tell you. Big Grin
[Image: first_sig_for_monstermmorpg_by_fon23-d681htk.png]
let's work together
"I am only following God's orders"
[Image: crimsontalonbanner.png]
i wanna join!!
-same name
i want to join so i can know more about this game :p
Monster MMORPG's first Kpop fan!
Back after more than 12 months of vacation. 
[Image: 2vkc4nq.gif]
im in
(2012-03-18, 01:50 PM)Kamidara Wrote:
(2012-03-18, 01:37 PM)iRemember Wrote: wait so are the members who were in the old ct still members? or do we need to re-apply or something? >.>
Should I make you guys re-join? ;D Nah, I already did that. Old CT members are still here but it would be nice to know who is in and who isn't >.<

I don't use the forum much myself.

Sorry about my absence <.< Computer sucks, and doing life. Well, I'll add everyone once I see your profiles.

I just gotta do a lot of rounds online due to absence from computer.
(2012-03-20, 11:26 PM)Fon21 Wrote: I have an interest in joining, my name here is the same as in game. You stated no requirements as of yet so i dont really know what else to tell you. Big Grin
I'll check your profile Smile

(2012-03-23, 01:55 PM)fjkulit Wrote: i wanna join!!
-same name
i want to join so i can know more about this game :p
I'll check your profile Smile

Don't be afraid of the wiki by the way. Click Here
C.T = One piece
Akatslowi = Naruto

(2012-03-23, 08:34 PM)Dark.Zero Wrote: C.T = One piece
Akatslowi = Naruto
Yerp. I love One Piece lol

Bleach is boring and Naruto is.. eh <_< One Piece is awesome though, it's absolute Cool
i like the rankings

(No Badge) Pirate King :
(No Badge) Yonkou :
(No Badge) Shichibukai :
(No Badge) Supernova :
(No Badge) Captain :
(No Badge) Devil-Fruit User :
(No Badge) Bounty-Hunter :
(No Badge) Pirate :

makes you feel like you want to join the team Smile
Hmm.. I do need an artist though. I can't do the art myself anymore ;-; I can hardly use Gimp on this computer =_=

All banners except the top one will be replaced with the appropriate ones. Should I keep it the way it is or find a picture that is fitting?
We need a pirate-y theme or even a Pirate-y name
Constantly dying yet never dead
am i in O_O?
[Image: tumblr_m8mm02adYC1qgqflko1_500.gif]
i don't like the japanese name

"I am only following God's orders"
[Image: crimsontalonbanner.png]
luffy = dei lol.
Yes, ofc lol

i wanna join kamidara Sleepy
#26 might need a more pirate-based name lol.
Pirate-y everything...own a Piraid (Monster) Or...something.
Constantly dying yet never dead
I won't have a new name change until 1 year and 2 weeks. (possibly).
(2012-03-28, 06:37 PM)Kamidara Wrote: I won't have a new name change until 1 year and 2 weeks. (possibly).
Why such an inexact time? lol Add 3 days
Constantly dying yet never dead
1 year, 2 weeks, 4 days, 8 hours, 10 minutes, and 12 seconds to be exact.
You said i could join? So here i am lol
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