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And thus begins your wonderful Pokemon adventure.

1. Story-Hoenn playing time. You can pick any town to start. If you're lost use this place; don't worry, it's been years since I've played Emerald as well so I'm dependent on it as well.
You may pick most Pokemon to start, but do note that I reserve the right to deny your application if you try to make yourself too broken.
You will be greeted by Professor Birch before you may travel anywhere. He will give you your Pokegear, so wait patiently until you get it.
From there, your goals may vary. Do you wish to conquer the gyms? Catch every Pokemon? Maybe just be a tourist?
You may or may not find random antagonists such as Team Magma and Aqua. However, Team Plasma no longer exists; they have been supplanted by the PETA (Pokemon Ethical Treatment Association). You can comply with their demands or you can set them on fire, your choice.
I reserve the right to make up random antagonist organizations that you are free to join. I also reserve the right to change up stuff a lot, so you can expect a government and actual cars and actual jobs and other stuff like that.
4th and 5th generation Pokemon are allowed. Wild Pokemon should normally be 3rd gen, however.

1b. Each city has a sort of "personality", along with certain "economies"; that is, most usually focus on a certain type of business, rarely venturing out of those bounds. Usually it is because those occupations are most suited to the city. They are as follows:
Littleroot Town-Now somewhat more advanced and quite a bit larger than it was 15 years ago. However, it is still a rather quite town; it is a suburban town. The original cottages are still around as historical artifacts, remade into museums of older times. It is still small enough so that it only takes 30 minutes to walk from end to end.
Oldale Town-Also a suburban town. A popular retirement spot due to its quiet yet vibrant nature. Gardening is a favorite pastime here, and many people are often willing to offer berries to travelers.
Petalburg City-Probably the smallest City in Hoenn. Its proximity to Oldale and Littleroot has caused Petalburg to meld a little to their personalities. There are large "garden museums" that are open to tourists that showcase garden mazes, flower statues, and other fine specimens--essentially Oldale's common hobby taken to extremes. Berries may be purchased in a gift shop. Most shops around here are basic in nature, such as haircuts and repair shops.
Petalburg Forest-One of Hoenn's largest forests. It is a pristine area, and tours are offered in a tourist office in Petalburg. Many journeyman tutors take their students here to help them train and teach them new lessons about Pokemon.
Rustboro City-A rather down in the dirt town. Residents here are often gruff but cheerful. Shops are usually low-key, and often show signs of their age (sometimes literally--many of the signs have faded paint). There are a few pubs around--most patrons know each other, are happy to accept more people, and waste most of their time laying bets on various competitions in the TV and getting mildly drunk. Other common industries are repairing and storage.
Rustboro also holds Devon Corporation Headquarters, one of Hoenn's largest companies. It is a creativity-promoting company, and the building most of them work in is grand with a cathedral design.
Rusturf Tunnel-Long ago, a plan to dig a Tunnel through the Rusturf Caves was conceived. However, the plan was mostly scrapped due to environmental issues, bar one crazy man who figured that if he did it little by little we could have the cave and keep the Pokemon undisturbed. Surprisingly, his persistence paid off (with a little help from a certain trainer), and Rusturf Tunnel is now a commonly used passageway from Rustboro to Verdanturf Town. As for the man (named Riley, by the way), he likes to sit outside the former Tunneler's Rest Area (now a museum) and tell people about the history of the tunnel. He is also happily married to the reason he was trying to dig the tunnel in the first place--Wallene.
Verdanturf Town-A quiet, calming town. It has nice clean air, and is often recommended for those with breathing problems. It is not a very big town, but due to being connected to Rustboro through the Rusturf Tunnel and Mauville through Route 117, many pass through it, and often stop for a moment to relax. The industry is focused mainly on therapy, tourism, and a combination of the 2. Verdanturf's natural benefits fit that well. Verdanturf is also home to a unique battle tent where the trainer must trust their Pokemon to battle on their own.
Dewford Town-An island town with a relaxed air. Most of it is made of beach, and as such Dewford is a popular vacation spot. A lot of its industry relies on sailing, but it has a booming tourist industry as well. Dewford sets a lot of trends, so it is also a favorite spot for fashion designers. The only way to get there is by surfing or by boat.
Slateport City-Probably Hoenn's most notable port city. Sailors spend a lot of time here, so a lot of the industry is catered to them--therefore, be careful you don't end up in the Sailor Zones, as the pub, brothel, black market, and hotel area is called. Despite its shady side, it has plenty of overworld areas; there is a nautical museum, a ship-building center, and ferries, along with lots of trade. Slateport City is also home to 2 very unique establishments--first of all, an outdoor, vibrant market where traders and merchants and many normal shoppers frequent, and second, a battle tent, where you can enter a Battle Swap Challenge.
Mauville City-Now the home of Rydel's Bikes Incorporated, which started out as a simple bike ship but has grown tremendously and now has outlets in many towns and cities. Mauville is one of the more modern, bustling cities; it can be considered a Hoenn version of Las Vegas. This impression is strengthened by the Mauville Game Corner, the largest such facility in Hoenn. Most of the industry focuses on entertainment.
Lavaridge City-A remote, small city. Set in the shadow of Mt. Chimney, it is famous for its hot springs and the local Lavaridge cookies. It is difficult to get to, as it is not very close to other cities and the main route to it is by going up Mount Chimney by lift and then walking down the mountain to it. As a result, it has not grown very much. It is a serene place, though.
Fallabor Town-A remote town, but one that many trainers like to put on their schedules. The fossil maniac, an expert on fossils, resides nearby, but more importantly, the move relearner has set up a business there. Professor Cosmo also performs astronomical research in there, and one can challenge a unique Battle Tent that is a miniature version of one of the Battle Frontier's facilities. It is an agricultural area, as the volcanic ash provides excellent fertilizer.

2. Rules-Need to spell, no godmodding, no one-liners, yada yada, you know the rules though goodness knows you also break a ton of 'em. I reserve the right to look at other examples of your roleplaying and deny your application based on this information.
If your post doesn't change anything in the story, don't post it.

3. Application-
[b]Name of character:[/b]
[b]Starting Town:[/b]

4. Accepted-
Name of character: Axys Azarael
Age: 15
Starter: Murkrow
Starting Town: Rustboro City
Background: A poor beggar and thief. He hasn't had a home for a while after he was ran away from his parents. He has scraped through life, but hopes to be able to get stronger, although he doesn't seem sure of why.
Personality: Sullen, commonly angry for no perceivable reason. Often curious about random stuff. Likes fire.
You're welcome to guess, though. He has a Murkrow for a reason.
Appearance: He's rather scruffy looking. He wears a light vest over a stained t-shirt, and his hair hasn't been washed for months. Normally it would be a sort of bowl cut brown, but in his current state it's like he has a dirty porcupine on his head. His jeans are ripped at the knees, and he wears a hat similar to that of Oliver Twist's.

Name: Vale Mikari
Age: 16
Starting Town: Ecruteak City / Slateport City
Starting Pokemon: Gabite (Marrazo)
Background: (I seriously don't want to type this out... ._.' CP time!)
Vale has lived in Snowpoint City in the Sinnoh region up til he was around 7 years old. Due to his dad's job, the Mikari family picked up and moved to the Johto region, and he was forced to leave behind his friends, and his love for skiing. Up to this point, Vale ran a delivery route between Ecruteak City and Blackthorn for a hobby, and carried Pokemon to protect him from thieves and the like. He's setting out with his Pokemon out to the Hoenn region to visit his friend who's living in Mossdeep City.
Personality: Don't ask me for it, it'll be RP'd out. Mostly because he has an established trio relationship between two of my other character, and it's hard to figure out his personality on paper. ^^

Name of character: (Lu) Luxera [alias]
Age: 25
Starter: Let's just say he has... an Empoleon, if that's okay with you?
Starting Town: Slateport / Petalburg
Background: I'll post more on that with the RP posts. >;3
Personality: Fairly serious, and energetic, Lu has the tendency to rush into things straight on. He is quite uh... intelligent, and often can beat up anyone at a game of chess. It doesn't mean he has a modest nature, but Lu has learned quickly that bragging about his greatness is a surefire way to get beat up. As he can tell you. And the rest of his personality will be RP'd out.
Appearance: This will also be described in posts too. It's just that he actually has a wardrobe and changes clothes often enough that there's not a concrete outfit for him. But I can say that Lu has brown long hair tied back in a ponytail, and green eyes. He also has a somewhat noticeable scar crossing the bridge of his nose from an encounter with a vicious Pokemon.

Name of character: Ghost
Age: 10 (just starting)
Starter: Sableye
Starting Town: Fortree city
Background: The only ghost trainer in fortree city
Personality: Whatever i feel like whenever i RP as him

Name of character: Michael Scarn
Age: 17
Starter: Beldum
Town: Sootopolis City
Background: has been training for a few years now.
Personality: Kind and thoughtful

Name: Kuro
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Pokemon: Butterfree (Sayaka)
Town: Fortree City
Background/Personality: Kuro is from Pallet Town but moved to Hoenn to become a coordinator/Pokemon researcher. She is a bad trainer at times because of her impatience and short-temper. Kuro gets in trouble a lot because of her nonchalant attitude and unintentional rudeness. She ran away from home because she wanted to be on her own, however her homes are secret bases that she sets up and takes down randomly. Because of her new living situation, she is very thrifty when getting and saving items however she will not steal. She uses the coordinator trainer occupation to gain money.

Name: Ve
Age: 12
Starter: Mudkip
Town: Lavaridge Town
Background: Normal kid
Personality: Curious

Name of character: YanMiga
Age: 14
Starter: Yanma
Starting Town: Rustboro Town
Background: A big fan of bug pokemon , dream to beat the elite four with only bug pokemon
Personality: Likes attention
Appearance: Clicky

Name of character: Evan
Age: 15
Starter: Totodile
Starting Town: Lilycove
Background: As a child, Evan loved Pokemon. He had almost every card available, played all the games, watched all the movies, and aspired to one day own his own pokemon. That day has finally come in the form of a 15th birthday gift from his mother.
Personality: A carefree attitude, Evan's more likely to just explore and find new Pokemon than actually battle. He loves meeting new people, and prefers to travel in a group.
Appearance: Rather thin, wears a red zip up hoody (or sweater, for some people) and a shirt that says "Attack!" he wears black jeans and a fedora. He also has eyeglasses because he's nearsighted.

Up for grabs
Me im

Name of character: FireBreath
Age: 16
Starter: Charmander
Starting Town: Pallet Town
Background: Idk
Personality: Male?
Knowing if you judge others, life continue as the way it was..

And by the way The Game You Lost.
Character: Jerome
Age: 10
Starter: Pikachu
Hometown: Cerulean City
Background: Idk
Personality: Ummmmmmmm......... Male too?
I jerome300 am the only leader of Team Delta. Join Team Delta (Thunder Branch) TODAY! You'll also get an Electric Boxmon! We also have bases, hideouts, squads, and missions! - jerome300 leader 1/3 of Team Delta.
Name of character: zacherymatthews
Age: 13
Starter: skorupi
Starting Town: Rustboro City
Background: good guy Big Grin
Personality: nice

[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
Name of character: dark
Starter: zorork
Starting Town: sin-oh town
Background: son of a rich and famous scientist(Pokemon)
Personality: cool , active,over bearing ,strong ,willing to help.

Meh, whatever, might as well add people. Tongue

Ghost and orbo added (although I'm warning you, orbo, I'm only accepting you because you're a friend. I remember quite a few one-liners and weird posts from previous areas >w>). Jerome, we're starting in Hoenn, so you'll have to change your city. :3

Currently denied: Zachery, Authorfire, dark. I've never seen any of you perform. For zachery: Not putting in more than 1 word for background and personality isn't very helpful. Tongue
For Authorfire, we start in Pallet Town. Not sure what your background and personality are supposed to be, either. :/
Dark, not sure how you'd work and considering previous threads I've seen you write, I'm rather afraid to add you. XD

After my next post you may begin.
----Regarding Dawn----
Professor Birch noticed Slateport appearing on the horizon. Having accomplished quite a bit of research abroad, he was now returning back by boat. "Hm, it's good to be back," he observed. As most of the Pokedex in Hoenn had already been filled out previously through the efforts of his proteges Ruby and Sapphire, he had gradually diminished his own part in the projects of Hoenn. Indeed, his role in Hoenn nowadays was simply to instruct and send out other trainers who applied to become a Pokemon Trainer, equipping them with the basic materials. He chuckled to himself, feeling happy he no longer had to call all the applicants to one place--with his 2 assistants, they could get the materials to the trainers, not the other way around.

He felt the ship slow, and listened to the calls of the crewman increase in volume as they neared the dock. After the ship had been secured, Birch departed and thanked the crewmen, and headed off onto his way. "Hm...first up would be...1 young Vale Mikari, located in Slateport." He looked around the pier, having referenced the picture accompanying the information sheet and application form. His first reaction was of surprise, but he then grinned. "Well, now's the not the time to look a gift horse in the mouth," he said to himself, still smiling, and he walked over to Vale, also departing off the ship. "Hello? Would you be Vale Mikari? My name is Professor Birch. I have heard you would like to start a Pokemon journey, and it is my role to prepare you for a grand send-off."

----Regarding Ghost----
Sapphire stepped into a mildly drizzled Fortree with an almost cautious air. Once inside, however, she began to perk up considerably. "Man, it's been ages since I've been here! Helping Birch took way longer than expected," she mused. She stretched, enjoying the feel of the mist, and then looked at the now somewhat moist papers in her hand once more. "Ghost, huh? Well, can't say I haven't seen weirder names." She looked back up. "Hm, guess it's best to explore; he'll have to be around here somewhere, it's gonna be a big day for him." She smiled briefly to herself, with the memory of her first days as a trainer, so long ago.

After greeting "Coach" Winona (and exchanging jokes about age and marriage) along with, surprisingly, greeting Wallace as well, Sapphire set about her job. Looking around, she wondered to herself where a person named Ghost with the personality mentioned in her now rather wet papers would hide, before she remembered Ghost would have no reason to hide in random shadows on today of all days. Instead, she asked a random passerby as to his whereabouts, and was rewarded with directions to a long, grassy field apparently used for special occasions. As she approached, she saw the person fitting the picture, and raced over, rubbing his hair energetically when she got to him. "Hey, you're Ghost, right? That's perfect! I'm Sapphire, and I'll be kicking you out into the whole wide world of Pokemon!"

----Regarding Orboknown----
Ruby entered Sootopolis with amazement. "5 years...this place has grown quite a personality since then." He had realized this quite a bit earlier, as the path into Sootopolis had become much easier to traverse than it had been last time he had been this way--progress stops for no man. Ruby paused for a while to gaze around and connect the city with his memories of it. After a few minutes of that, Ruby shook his head wistfully and returned to the task at hand. "Michael Scarn?" he said, looking at his Pokegear where he'd downloaded the information. "Seems a bit old for this sorta thing, but I suppose you're never too old for something new." He laughed quietly at this, knowing that he was really saying it about himself.

He entered the gym to greet his old master, also known as Gym Leader Wallace. A receptionist inside saw him and asked if he was there to see Wallace. "Yes, I am. I'm Ruby, an old student of his." The receptionist's eyes widened when she heard the name. "Ah, Ruby! I'm sorry to say Wallace is out--he's vacationing in Fortree with Winona. He did leave a message for you, however." She handed him an envelope as she finished talking. Ruby opened it, reading Wallace's greetings and a bit of info. Ruby smiled; well, this made his job much easier. "I think I'll stay around here a while to await his return," he said, still smiling, as he handed the letter back to the lady. "In the meantime, I would like to enter." She nodded, storing the letter away, and pressed a button to open the door. Walking in, Ruby said to the person inside with a pleased air, "I hope you weren't waiting for too long. Today's a big day, eh? Well, let's get things started; the sooner I'm done with this the sooner you can set off."

----Extra Notes----[/b]

((Disclaimer: I apologize for taking liberties with your characters.))
((Extra: You may use Fakemon, either of your own creation or Cefurkan's. Migration happens. >w>))
((Extra2: Each city and village will have an assigned role and personality, which I will get up ASAP.))
((Extra3: I just realized I forgot to ask after appearance in the character sheet. I will update the opening post, but I would like to request that you update your char sheets accordingly.))
((Extra4: It is somewhere about 15 years after Ruby and Sapphire's time.))
((Extra5: If any of you wish to play as Birch, Ruby, or Sapphire, feel free to claim. They are no longer the main characters, however, so I suggest you do not play them as you would a main character.))
As you can tell, this took a while to type.
Feel free to begin. I have no time (again), so I will introduce my character later.

Yes, Dawn, you're in. Tongue
I'll see about v67 and Nightcore after.
Vale looked up from his book, into the face of Professor Birch. It was a familiar one too, since the various PokeProfessors often were on TV for some discoveries or this other thing, but that wasn't the point. The point was... that he was talking to him, Vale.

"Yeah? I'm certainly Vale Mikari, you need me for anything?" Surprised, Vale spoke in his native Sinnoh, the fact that other people may not even understand him went unheeded. Noticing Birch's slight confusion, he reddened a bit, and shook his head.

"Sorry, it's an impulse thing. I'm Mikari, and the point being... aren't you Professor Birch?" He sheepishly grinned, and pulled out a delivery invoice, pausing to study it. Seeing the professor's puzzled expression, Vale showed him the invoice. "I'm sorry sir, but can you make it fast? I have to run a delivery before the day finishes up to Petalburg City so I need to run soon. It's to the PokeMart in that city so it's probably an important one too."
Hello Ruby.Its nice to meet you. I assume you know who I am,so no need for introductions. If we may get started as soon as possible,you can be on with your valuable time.
Michael was absolutely giddy inside."My adventure is starting!"he thought. He had waited several years longer to strt than was usual,but he was determined to succeed.(is this ok gboss?)
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
You need an application if you wish to apply. Tongue
I'll trust you on this, but if you RP badly I will have you randomly killed off. XD
Denied, you troll. >:|

----Regarding Dawn----
"Hm..." Birch muttered to himself as he observed Vale. "You ARE the one who applied for journeyman status, correct?" He shrugged and held up his papers. "I'm supposed to get you started on that sorta thing. It shouldn't take too long." He looked back at the information, nodding his head a little as he confirmed some information. "It seems to match; says you deliver stuff as a job, too," he continued. Looking back up, he smiled, saying, "I think your delivery can wait long enough for me to send you on your way."

----Regarding Orboknown----
((It'll do. XD))
"Well, Mr. Scarne, you sure seem eager," Ruby quipped, smiling. "I see you know who I am; I assumed Master Wallace told you to expect me." He took out a folded piece of paper he had kept in his pocket, and unfurling it, read what he was expected to do. "OK, let's see here...according to your information, you already have a Pokemon to help you out, so I don't need to offer one to you...Ah, here we go." He pulled 5 Pokeballs and an ePhone from a pocket, proffering it to Michael. "Your starting set. And that should be all that you need...OK, from this day forth, you can set off on your adventure." Staring intently at Michael, he continued, "You are now a journeyman. Proceed, conquer, but most of all, do not lose that inside you that tells you how to have fun." He lifted his gaze away and laughed. "Or that's what my wife always tells me. Enjoy yourself!"

----Regarding Nightcore----
Sapphire turned to the young lady next to Ghost, who seemed somewhat older. "Great, you're both here together! Makes my job that much easier!" she exclaimed. "You must be Kuro." Bending over so she could scuffle Kuro's hair along with Ghost's, she continued talking. "Heard you came from over in other places--always nice to see someone new. So, we should get started now, hm?" Standing back up and releasing the poor initiates' hair, she stepped back to look over them more fully, grinning all the while. "You guys look just the right age to be having so much fun."
(2011-09-18, 01:46 AM)darckx Wrote: where am i .can i ask.did you accepted.

((You were rejected because your application wasn't up to speed apparently. It's a more literal RP, I guess.))

Vale shrugged."Yeah, I did apply. I figured once I finished up my business in this region, I might as well do some exploring and interning." He nodded, and put the invoice back into his backpack that was slung over his shoulder. Vale checked his watch, and sighed.

"Fine. Make it fast professor, I want to be there before the sun sets." He shot Birch an apolegectic look. "Sorry, I need to save up for my student funding, and so and so... I do want to go to college eventually." Vale grinned. "Always going to have to be thinking of that."
I changed your character name to Ve, because no numbers in name. :3
If you want to change it, PM me.
Because of your picture, Yanmiga is a girl. Just sayin'. ;P))

----Regarding V67co----
Flannery was reclining in one of Lavaridge's famous hot springs when she got Birch's phone call. After 10 minutes or so of listening, the conversation was finished, and she relaxed for 30 more minutes before getting out and dressing. Turning on her ePhone, where Birch's email showed her all the relevant info, she said to herself, "Today's the big day."
Changing her ePhone back to phone mode, she dialed Ve's number--he had given it to her so that she could give him updates on his journeying status. "Ve? Turn on your nitro, it's time to roll. Meet me in front of the Official Springs, let's get you out with a bang!" She grinned as she spoke, and held the phone away a little farther at Ve's exclamation. "Yup! It's all ready! What are you waiting for, hurry up here!" Walking out to the entrance, she was just able to avoid Ve crashing into her. "Can't wait, huh? Well, I can't either! Let's get you out into the world!"

----Regarding Notowlz----
Many of Rustboro's residents were at that moment crowded around Yanmiga, congratulating her on her letter regarding her application. There were some PETA protesting as well, but no-one was paying attention to them. Some were trying to offer her alcohol, even, as her mother protested. The letter seemed pretty vague, but essentially told her to stay put, as someone would come and take care of the details.
A tired Todd burst in on the crowd. "Excuse me? Can someone tell me if a person named Yanmiga is nearby?" he gasped out. He had arrived late to Rustboro and was hoping the crowd could give directions. He looked back up, mouth wide as he tried to get more air. "Oh, thank goodness," he cried out, drawing out some more energy and rushing forward to shake Yanmiga's hand energetically. "You must be Yanmiga. Well, let's get your initiation started, eh?" Looking around at the Rustboro residents, he grinned and continued, "An audience wouldn't hurt, either."

----Regarding Grey----
Someone stepped into Lilycove city. The shoes were platform, the hair was wild, and the clothes had ridiculously sized sleeves. One of those sleeves lifted up and revealed a stretching hand contraption holding onto a hologram projector. "Lessee here...average kid, average town, average life...well, he can't be average forever," the figure grinned. Leaning down to press some buttons on his shoes, he activated springs and began to bounce towards the address on his sheet. Emerald was in town, and things were going down.
He burst into Evan's house, ignoring the protests of a mother cooking breakfast. "Lessee here, a certain Evan should live at this residence," he called out, waving his arms in the air as he plowed up the stairs past the protesting mother. He found the room with the grunting and snoring, and, slamming it open, jumped onto Evan as he yelled in his face, "ARE YOU A BOY OR A GIRL? WHAT'S YOUR NAME!? ALTHOUGH I SHOULDN'T REALLY BE ASKING SINCE I ALREADY HAVE YOUR INFO HERE--" here he paused to wave the papers around--"BUT I FIGURED YOU'D APPRECIATE A GRAND AWAKENING FOR YOUR FIRST DAY IN YOUR POKEMON ADVENTURE!"

----Regarding Dawn----
"Not a problem," Birch replied. "You already seem very capable, and you already have your own starter Pokemon, so I'll just have to do a few things..." he took out 5 Pokeballs from his pocket and a Pokegear and handed them over to Vale. "The basic staples for your journey, and then one more thing..." Without warning, he pulled out a party cone from another pocket and kazoo from yet another, and activating both, he bellowed into the sky (and somehow playing the kazoo at the same time), "HEY EVERYONE! HERE'S ONE OF OUR NEWEST JOURNEYMEN, MAKE SURE TO OFFER YOUR CONGRATULATIONS BEFORE HE FLEES!" Grinning at Vale, he whispered mischievously, "Better run before everyone crowds around you to slow you down."
((And so, Dawn, you are off. You are free to do whatever you want now, without Birch bothering you. Assuming you do not keep talking with him in your next post, at least. Tongue))

It's not your starter; Zorua is perfectly fine as a starter. Tongue
It's you. I'm not too optimistic on how well you'll be able to RP.
((I noticed your post below, so I edited. Hope you like this one better.))

Evan hops up, slightly confused. "Who are you...wait, Pokemon adventure you say? Awesome!" He notices that he's getting a weird look. "Oh yeah," he says, "I sleep in the nude...Awkward..." Evan gets dressed and runs downstairs. He quickly gobbles some cereal and drinks some orange juice. "So, what exactly do I have to do to start my Pokemon adventure?" he asks.
[Image: greyvodo.png]
are you here to escort me , if so lets go said yanmiga to todd , before moving could you give me a minute to go to the pokemart ... i do like to buy a air mail to send something...

by the way , what on earth is the application :/)
yea you know ive been waiting my entire life for this
(flannery is my fav gym learder in hoenn)
and flannery *gets an evil grin* you know once i get three badges your going down
#1 shaymin addict
[Image: ShayminBOTW.png]
Vale winked, and grinned. "If they want to congratulate me, they have to catch me first! Adios, professor!" He took off like a shot, surprising the group of people that were walking over to congratulate him. Seeing that they were blocking his only way out, Vale kicked off a partition next to the group and gracefully somersaulted over them, running for the exit.

Back at the pier, Birch just chuckled. "Kids these days... Heh." He checked his note, and set off towards the exit after Vale. Vale was only a disappearing speck now, as he easily navigated the streets of Slateport. The crowd that had tried to set after him just gave up as they saw that they couldn't catch up to him now.

((Did I mention that Vale knows free-running/parkour?))
((It's a problem tbh. :\ I feel like churning out paragraphs and everyone else barring you, Giant, types just one line and that's it. I be sad when that happens. Anyways. I can certainly control the Professor if the need arises, but I'm going to be a bit OOC since I have no idea what he's like... XD))

Slateport was fairly easy to get out of, and Vale was jogging past the gate on the North Side when he remembered the things that Professor Birch had handed to him down by the piers. Just before he took off, Vale had shoved those things into his other pocket with the invoice and ran for it before he was mobbed. "I guess now's a good time to stop and see what they are..." Stopping next to a tree just outside the gate, the runner pulled out a crumpled invoice, a PokeGear, and two Pokeballs. He raised a quizzical eyebrow.

"Only two? I thought he gave me five..." Vale thought out loud, checking his other pockets. The other three balls were nowhere to be found, and he shrugged. Probably lost them running out here... Eh. It doesn't matter, I have Marrazo to walk with me... Remember his Pokemon's name, Vale shrugged off the backpack and searched in there. After a minute of going through a few books, papers, some snacks, and his iPod, he finally found a Great Ball, and pressed the button. His Gible hopped out, and bowed gracefully.

"Er. Marrazo? Backpack?" Vale asked, throwing everything else back into the backpack, but holding on to the PokeGear. He zipped it shut, and Marrazo hopped onto the pack, and held on to it as Vale pulled it back onto his back. Slipping the PokeGear into his pocket, Vale started running again, heading through Route 110.

((Cuz You are not accepted darck.not stop pestering gboss or u will have ur warning level raised.))

Michael grinned as Ruby handed over the items."Thanks Ruby!I won't let you down!" Michael raced out of the room to begin his quest.Where to first? he thought. Well I suppose getting off of this island would be a good start.Michael headed down to the pier to see if any ships were leaving soon(improving that lol).

((cuz dawn took control of birch, I assume i can do the same with Ruby))

Ruby smiled as Scarn raced away.It's always good to see them so eager.
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
You aren't accepted. :/
Although congrats on the modship. XD
Improving. However, you are not allowed to leave Hoenn. :P
That's the entire point of the RP. XD
But yes, you are free to go now. :3
@Notowlz and v67co
When I say you can do better, I MEAN you can do better. :<
At the very least, I know v67co can spell, since the only problems you have are a lack of capitalization and u for you. Not so sure about Notowlz but you can still do better than that. ;3

And thanks to whoever deleted those posts. :D))
----Regarding Grey----
Emerald had already explained the situation to Grey's Mom. Although she still wasn't sure that he wasn't some kind of hippy pedo, all his official-looking stuff had gone a long way to persuading her. "Hm?" he turned to Grey, as he was still trying to calm down his mom. "Oh, right, your Pokemon adventure. Excuse me for a moment, Ms. Lady." He pulled up a chair and snagged some of Grey's breakfast. "Well, that question's simple enough to answer. Your journey begins as soon as you finish breakfast. Preferably earlier if I have anything to do with it." Emerald grinned wickedly. "First, I need to give you your stuff...and you already have a starter, so don't need to give you that." Producing 5 Pokeballs from his sleeves and a Pokegear, he stuffed them into Grey's pockets. "Hurry up kid, your whole life's waiting for you!" he cried out, picking up Grey's chair (Grey still holding his breakfast) and rushing him out to Route 121, tossed him into some bushes. "Adios! Don't come see me again until you're at the Battle Frontier! Also, no going back home to return those plates. And another also: Your Pokegear comes with a tazer and welding function, just saying." His job done, Emerald donned a pair of Blackglasses and hopped into his helicopter that was there the whole time. "Best of luck to you!"

----Regarding v67co----
"I'll be looking forward to it, buster." Flannery grinned back. "You think you can take me? I practically raised you." Suddenly, her phone rang. "Yes? Professor Birch?" she said when she turned it on. "Yeah, I have him here. So what now?" She listened for a while, nodding at a few intervals. "Alright, got it." She turned back to Ve. "So, since I don't have any initiation stuff on me, this being a sort of hustled job for me, Birch is gonna send it to you." She held her Pokegear (tampered with by Emerald) face-up, and 8 Pokeballs and a Pokegear beamed into existence. Taking hold of the 3 starred Pokeballs, she proffered them to Ve. "You don't have a starter yet, so you get to pick. These are standard choices--Torchic the Fire Bird, Mudkip the Water Newt, and Treecko the Grass Lizard. Personally, I'd pick Torchic," she said, winking. "As for these, these will be yours to catch the rest of your party," she continued, giving over the other 5 Pokeballs.

----Regarding Notowlz----
"Sure, no problem," Todd wheezed. "I need some time to get my bearings anyways." Waiting as Yanmiga entered the Pokemart, he checked his info and his instructions over again to make sure he didn't miss anything. "Mhm, 5 Pokeballs, she already has a starter, and 1 Pokegear." He sat on a bench, and chatted with other Rustboro residents as he waited for Yanmiga to return.

((Can't really build off any more for Notowlz. :/
Don't have a lot of a foundation.))
Yanmiga comes back and told todd to lets go , Before that yanmiga makes a annoucement and shouted ''My dear rustboro townmates , i swear that ill become a pokemon master and make this town proud and regain its honor!''
After saying that , yanmiga left on her journey to be a pokemon master
Evan slowly gets up and brushes himself off. "Hippies..." he sighs, then he looks down, "My egg sandwich!" he turns towards the helicopter flying away. "YOU IDIOT, YOU RUINED MY SANDWICH!" he tosses the remains of his meal in that general direction. He starts walking off down 121. He passes by a telephone pole with a flyer stapled to it. "Come to the Safari Zone for the weekly catching show," it reads, "show off your skills and get the best Pokemon. Winner gets an assortment of berries, Pokeballs, and gets to keep the Pokemon he/she caught. I'm in!" Grey rushes off in that direction, ready to catch his next Pokemon.
[Image: greyvodo.png]
(ooh ok then ill join it the rp then)

Starting TownTongueetalburg City
Personality:dosent afraid from anything is not shy like other peoples he knows, likes travaling, somethimes when its night he puts his jacket and the sunglasses and acts like a ninja cuz off his fathers teaching him to be like a one.
Appearance:wears a black t-shirt , black jins with a belt a black red snickers. Have green shiny very shine eyes with a black short hair. Carys a black jacket and sunglasses in his backpack
BackgroundConfusedtarted to be a trainer just from now cuz my perants didnt let me travel. I got my Eevee from when i was a child when i was seven years old and have trained alot with it, now wants to become a coordinator and get all the ribbons for the final contest but beffor i do that i want to travel to Sinnho to evolve my Eevee into Glaceon

Grey shows up at the Safari zone gate, where there's already a huge crowd gathering. The warden of the safari zone stands on a makeshift stage, with a bullhorn. "Hello folks," he says, "Welcome to the weekly catching show! I'm the warden of this fine facility, and I'll be judging along with Nurse Joy and the chairman of the Pokemon fanclub!" A huge round of applause for both of them. "Now, without further ado, let's get this show on the road!" The doors open and everyone rushes inside. Evan quickly makes his way through the crowd, knocking over people on his way. He shows up at the door and grabs an application. He fills out the paper, pays the $50 entrance fee, and grabs his ticket. Once inside, a woman in a Safari Zone uniform ushers him over to a table by the wall. "I'll take that," she grabs his ticket. "Now," she says, "here is a map of the facility, 30 safari balls, and a rescue beacon. Press this button," she indicates a red button on the back of the beacon, "to send a signal to the front gate, and we'll come get you. Only use this if you are done catching, or find yourself in a troubling situation." she gets up and pushes him out the door. "Have fun!" she says. Evan turns and looks around. He sees people scrambling everywhere. People fishing, people shaking trees, and people running around through the grassy fields. Evan sees a hidden pathway through some trees to the right. Hidden pathways always hide the best areas, he thinks as he makes his way down the path.
[Image: greyvodo.png]
*takes pokeballs* "You bet In could! I could even choose treeko and still beat you. But I'm not taking the chance." he says as he sighs heavily " I think I'll choose mudkip. If I can get this little mudkip to evolve by the time of our battle, I would have total advantage over you."
#1 shaymin addict
[Image: ShayminBOTW.png]
It's been 15 years. Tongue
Mr. Briney no longer gives out trips. He's taken on apprentices who do, however.
Sorry I didn't mention it earlier. XD
BTW, it would be impossible for you to beat the Rustboro gym with a Yanma. Seriously, no chance. Her Geodudes can survive a Lotad's and a Shroomish's Absorbs, and her Nosepass took multiple Treecko Absorbs just to bring into the red, even without considering the berry; a Yanma is child's play. ;3))
----Regarding v67co----
((Doing better, BTW. You still have more potential, but it's better. XD))
Flannery smiled. "Cheater," she quipped. "You'll still lose, but you're a cheater anyways. Anyways," she continued, taking Ve by the shoulder. "Let me escort you out." Leading him out, she stopped at the sign announcing that you were entering Route 112. "Best of luck to you," she said, smiling with a little more wistfulness than she had before. She waved for a little while as Ve left, and smiled; all was right with the world.

((BTW, sorry I was gone yesterday. Net crashed.))
Not sure whether to accept you. :/
Spelling, grammar, and record--for example, Heroes vs. Villains--are all lackluster.
And to prevent this from being a total waste of space...))

Axys snapped awake, and was temporarily disoriented as he tried to figure out where he was. With a sigh, he remembered--in some back alley in Mauville City, where he has been for the past few years. Stretching, he made some odd sounds at his Murkrow, who unsoundeffect-ed him back.
This morning ritual completed, Axys lifted his head to sniff the air. Something seemed...different. He had had a feeling of change for the last few days, but now he could practically smell the winds of change. Shrugging, he got up to snatch himself some breakfast. If the change needed him, it would come to him, and if it didn't, he wouldn't worry his head over it.
((Prove you can. :\ C'mon, you should've been doing it anyways for the other RPs, including mine, y'know. Anyways. The adventures of Vale continues!))

Vale yawned and rubbed his eyes, bored yet again. That was the problem with running. Just too much time to think... He had just crossed the bridge that arced over an ocean channel just outside the city border. It was a relatively easy run in his opinion, until a few minutes later...

A bike, the kind that wasn't motorized, overtook him just as he reached the bottom of a very brief set of stairs. It took a sharp right, and then stopped in front of him. The person that was on it dismounted, and flipped up his aviator glasses to study Vale, who had pulled up short just before the bike rolled to a stop in front of him. He grinned slightly and popped his glasses back on. In an unrelated thought, Vale saw that the eyes were green.

"Well, you look familiar..." A rather gruff voice snapped Vale out of his surprise. "You are... uh... not sure, but... Mikari, right? I was supposed to meet you at Slateport Harbor, but I think Birch got to you first. Anyways, I'm Luxera. You can call me Lu, if that suits you. Not that it's my real name anyways." Lu dryly chuckled.

Vale finally recovered enough to ask something. "But... uh, why do you need to meet me?" He asked Lu, wary of him. Lu nodded.

"I guess you have the right to ask that question. Y'know Trey and Jack, right?" Vale nodded, recognizing the names of his friends who were living in the Hoenn. Lu continued. "Well, they asked me to come out to Slateport from Mossdeep and make sure that you reached their house by... oh... dinnertime." He grinned, and patted his bike. "So hop on. I have enough power to get you to Mossdeep and beyond." He pulled up for a minute.

"Uh, maybe not. We do have to take a boat there... and there's going to be some hard biking... hm..." Lu muttered to himself.

"Well, uh... Lu? I need to stop by Petalburg, so..." The biker perked right up.

"Well, that cinches it! We're staying the night in Lilycove, and set out for Mossdeep tomorrow." He nodded, and then gestured for Vale to get on the bike. "C'mon now, it's going to be a lot faster than running, if I need to be honest with you."

"Fine then..." Vale smiled slightly and got on the bike. Lu quickly checked that he was okay on it, and then took off, pedaling furiously.

((I do need an application for Lu, don't I...? Well, here it is:

Name of character: (Lu) Luxera [alias]
Age: 25
Starter: Let's just say he has... an Empoleon, if that's okay with you?
Starting Town: Slateport / Petalburg
Background: I'll post more on that with the RP posts. >;3
Personality: Fairly serious, and energetic, Lu has the tendency to rush into things straight on. He is quite uh... intelligent, and often can beat up anyone at a game of chess. It doesn't mean he has a modest nature, but Lu has learned quickly that bragging about his greatness is a surefire way to get beat up. As he can tell you. And the rest of his personality will be RP'd out.
Appearance: This will also be described in posts too. It's just that he actually has a wardrobe and changes clothes often enough that there's not a concrete outfit for him. But I can say that Lu has brown long hair tied back in a ponytail, and green eyes. He also has a somewhat noticeable scar crossing the bridge of his nose from an encounter with a vicious Pokemon.

I might have a third character (Yes, I consider Jack and Trey one character. >;3) so I'll post the app for that later?))
I dunno, think I'll keep you off for now. If Notowlz and v67co require me to snipe them, then I can probably stick you in, but I don't want to keep more than 2 people on my hitlist at one time.

Did I mention that by OP Pokemon, I'm mostly talking about legendaries? If you choose to RP more than one character, and one of the other characters happens to be a "veteran", so to speak, they are allowed a fully evolved Pokemon or even more. Try not to overdo it, though; I probably will not grant 4 full evos, let alone a full evo team.

Also, here's something some of you people will probably need to see:
Name of Character: Death
Age: undefined
Starting Town: Atlantis
Background: At the dawn of time, there was a grand city. The first civilization on planet Earth, they had been gifted by the gods with various technologies, which they also manipulated to give themselves eternal life. One day, however, an Atlantean named Prometheus provoked the gods by stealing some of the ceremonial fire and using it to vandalize a few temples. In their anger, their deities fashioned Death out of the ashes and had him smite the entire city into oblivion. Since then the gods haven't figured out how to get rid of him and were taken by him in their turns, and nowadays he is something the human race will have to live with for many more years.
Personality: Grave--sometimes literally. Not much for conversation. Doesn't dawdle, is quite efficient.
Appearance: Varies with who he's visiting.
Just announcing him because if I feel you are RPing inadequately, he will shoot you with a sniper rifle or something. :3))
Sorry , i have been busy recently and couldn't do this ... anyway

YanMiga knows the danger of rustboro gym leader , she uses rock pokemon which is a mega danger to yanma thus yanmiga intends to do 2 thing before challenging her and that is to make yanma learn giga drain and improve his dodging ability(well anime can do that why not me :<) in order to learn giga drain , yanma needs to be able to leech energy off a pokemon thus yanmiga gave yanma a apple and tries to make him Suck it up the energy inside , after a few hour . the effort was still fruitless and yanmiga became desperate , thats when a trainer shows up and said ''What a strong yanma you have there , care for a battle?'' even tho yanmiga isn't in a mood to battle against other trainer , she still accepted it.

Nichoooo , stop begging gboss before i take this matter as harassment . If he doesn't want you in the RP so be it
Back to my topic

The battle between the trainer and YanMiga thus started , YanMiga throws in a pokeball and yanma comes out . The trainer than say ''Eh , a Yanma you got taste son'' as he said that , he threw a pokeball ... out comes a Cradily , Yanmiga giggles as she knows that cradily is a grass pokemon which is weak to yanma's bug/flying type , In over confidence she immediately ordered Yanma to bug buzz cradily . The cradily took a hard shot from the bug buzz Yanmiga than shouted '' YANMA one more bug buzz to finish this off!'' this was when the trainer gave out orders . before yanmiga know it a pile of rock hit yanma and yanma could not longer be seen as he was under the pile of rock . The trainer laughs and shouted ''Your too naive to thiink ill just wait for you to finish me off!''
Arriving at rustboro, Michael disembarked from the boat. time to challenge that gym. but first i shoukld train a bit against wild pokemon. Scarn started pushing through some tall grass when a wild poochyena appeared. perfect. Michael thought. He sent out bedlum and prepared to battle
Quote: Do you hear the Whisper Men The Whisper Men are near
If you hear the Whisper Men then turn away your ears
Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
For once you've heard the Whisper Men they'll stop. And look at you.
*grins* "I'll be back!!" *waves back and starts running to Rustboro and takes out map* "Let's see.... I think I'm going the right way. Maybe I go left. No it has to be right." *scraches head as he spots a city in the hirizion* "Hey that looks like Mauville. I should go there and stock up on supplies since Flannery pused me way to hard." *starts running towards Mauville when he's stopped by what appers to be a moving rock*
#1 shaymin addict
[Image: ShayminBOTW.png]
((Levels don't apply here. :P
Also, you don't have to fight the gyms in order. ;3
You can probably edit that response to fit your new info. ;D))

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