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something needs to fixed with the battle system
As the title suggests.... The battle system ATM is BEYOND messed up.....the  hit and miss ratio is WAY OFF. I shouldn't be getting hit 8 times Ina row when my monster has +5 evasion and the opposing has -5 accu....I just PvP with low and I fought his aourlie with. My  I should I raised his evasion...however...low still managed to kill him on the first move with -1 accu while I had +3 evasion

[Image: 29b2hed.jpg]
[Image: 2drew7m.jpg]
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the aturion still has 133% accuracy so its still likely he would hit you
Still 133% accu, so nothing wrong with him hitting you..
[Image: viking.png]

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It's still basically 127% evasion for you and 100% accuracy for Low (or 100% evasion/ 73% accuracy)... That's not that much off since mons with berserk/ cautious start with 75% accuracy in the first place
[Image: attachment.php?aid=448]
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Learn to math, his baseline may be affected but if he still has plus accuracy to begin with then you are just chipping him down, its not like you both start at zero and work from there.
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Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!   This isn't about the aturion......its just about the system in general...why does everyone always do that-.-...the system is completely messed up..........

Its about when I'm in a wild or PvP battle and I have  the clear advantage and yet I'm still hit and killed the time I was fighting the dragon ugoyle had the clear advantage with +5 Eva and +3 accu.  Unlike the opposing had -5 accu .....and no he didn't have any abilities that would allow him to hit me -_-   ......BTW I no the aturion has accu was just an example........want a better pic I'll get it -,-

This is a better pic....I have +5 evasion I believe and the chimerios has 75 acccu.....he should mussed.but it hit and killed me on the first move,,with a nice that has 65 accu nonetheless
[Image: 254vdxz.png]

Now THAT  shouldn't be happening
[Image: 2drew7m.jpg]
"the greatest victory is that which requires no battle"
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
Seeing as I can only speak for myself, I haven't had a problem with the eva/acc system yet, in fact, it's the sole reason my lvl 92 prsyma was able to defeat the last arena leader...alone*.

I think the hit/dodge system is fairly adequate at the moment, and whenever I use glow with my prys or shadow eyes with my meteoid, I clearly notice a difference in the battle.
[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=443]
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well even now it is being too easy for some players. i think you may wanna rethink ur strategy
I don't see anything wrong

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