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irony on the battle
it's an irony, my monster run out of MP but it was trapped for 1 turn leave, so I can't attack or change monster and I should surrender eventhough I still have the other mons to beat the npc..
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cefurkan , could you fix the system..?
This happened to me a few times already, but I think it should stay as it is.
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May the FORCE be with you!
I think adding a 'fifth move' with unlimited MP and no type would alleviate this.  Something small that you wouldn't want to use.

Could call it something like
"Basic Strike"
Power: 15
Acc: 95
Type: Normal
Class: Physical
Extra: Hits for Neutral (no super effective or immunity) damage every time.

It's kinda a Band-Aid fix, but it'd solve all the "I ran out of MP and was forced to surrender" issues.  Perhaps it could come up when you've run completely out of MP?  Perhaps it temporarily replaces an attack when it is out of MP.  Perhaps I can just make a button labeled "Basic Strike" and we'll stick it next to "Switch Monster" and "Show Monster's Details" and have it available all the time?

It's not a new idea, it has been suggested before.  The biggest issue is "How do we implement it?"
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Well, it HAS been present in PokemonCraft. We used to have Struggle on PokemonCraft, but when on Alpha, I told Cef that there was no Struggle at 0 MP,
Constantly dying yet never dead
Just wanted to say something about a struggle move....

Attack name : Last resort
Type : normal
Base power : 25
Accurary : 100
MP : 100
Specials : 50% recoil damage, hits all types even immune types

Maybe something like this ?
Also, the move should be only useable if your out of mp, but i think thats a little difficult to code....
Could be like that.  I was just never fond of the recoil.  It's like "I'm already on my last legs, why does attacking hurt!?"

Recoil was used in Pokemon to prevent "Magikarp on Magikarp" action.  After 35 turns you'd be crushing yourself into oblivion.  Well, naturally the two Karps could KO each other, even without the recoil, but imagine winning a battle 2 HP at a time.  Game Freak figured speeding up the game in a recoil-type manner would help.  And it does.

But with the low MP available on most attacks, I thought it would be more fair to leave out recoil.  Your enemy will probably knock that monster out soon as it is.  *chuckle*

Not knocking the idea, just being informative.  Tongue

Also, totally digging the name "Last Resort"~
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this is not a glitch
this is a battleing issue. if you were carefull, you would not stuck like this Smile

Okay.... :/
I appreciate if you can implement somelike henrie's idea, cef
actually, I'm not worried if it happen on the battle vs npc, simply surrender, heal, and then battle again
but I can imagine if it is happen on pvp battle for tournament, it can be a way to beat your opponent without beat all of his monsters..

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