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Big Grin 
could u guys help me in developing the line into a full story im needing it tomorrow
from this Big Grin

one dark windy night.............
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Genre at least please >_>
How long
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200 words will do
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*ahem* i shall try, give me 100,000 gold incenive xD

One dark windy night, I was alone. There were many owl sounds I am hearing. It was a very solemn night. It was a school night. I needed to be asleep at 12. I was breaking a rule, but I must.
"12AM" I said to myself "I must say this to her already.. Or this may never return again.."
I used my phone to call her. She was probably asleep by this time. It will take pure luck to still have her answer the phone. It was worth a try.
The phone went "ring ring ring" as if it did not want to stop. After a while, someone finally answered.
"Hello?" It was her. That voice of an angel. It melted me apart.
"Hi.." I said, feeling a little awkward.
"So, what made you call?" she asked. Probably wondering why I called, well she is.
"Well, since college is coming in a few months, and this maybe our last months together.." i stopped. I ran out of words.
"Where is this coersation going.." she replied.
"Since we have become best friends for a few years now. I have gained the courage... Could we.. Take our relationship to the next level?" i asked, with a deep breath.
"Oh yes! I accept you to be my boyfriend!" she seemed exited and happy.
"Just curious and all, why do you seem so happy?"
"I have waited all these years for you to do this.. I loved you even before we were best friends.." she said.
I wasn't able to answer. The darkness seemed to become light. Tears of joy came out of my eyes. I was so happy. All these years. We loved each other, but no one admitted.

-this is just a short thingie made by me :]
Monster MMORPG's first Kpop fan!
Back after more than 12 months of vacation. 
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Wow, fj!
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May the FORCE be with you!
That was cute fj Smile
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My imaginary friend thinks you have serious mental problems!
Wow.. What?
Monster MMORPG's first Kpop fan!
Back after more than 12 months of vacation. 
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That was the most adorable thing I have ever seen fj put down :p
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That's so nice fj
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Be Blinded By My Prowess
Genre? I mean... we can't write anything without a theme Tongue
Constantly dying yet never dead
i think it's a make your own one
Monster MMORPG's first Kpop fan!
Back after more than 12 months of vacation. 
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As usual, Skyrock's never made something without fighting... I'm always action O.o
BTW your story is amazing :3 Y U NO continue that good work with TEoD?

One dark, windy night... I entered the building. My final fight in this underground club.
Behind that door... the crowd cheers for me. I can feel it. Their roars of amazement echo across the arena.
I walked down that road... It was the fight that will define me... I cannot let this end as a loss.
I entered the ring. The final bout of the night... Up in the parking lot... My name written on such a huge banner...
The opponent enters, confident as ever. I am shaking in fear. My opponent is twice my size, can I pull this through?
The referee is beginning the match. I raised my hands and prepared for the big fight.
His speed and power is incredible. I have yet to meet someone this powerful. My career's greatest enemy to date.
I strike back, but it seems that I just can't defeat him. I fall down on my knees. I am knocked down... my loss is building up...
But then, I remembered who I am doing this for... my girlfriend, my family, everyone I represent back at home... I can't give up.
I regained balance. I got up and reply with my own punches. I cannot understand this newly found power. Because I remembered all my inspirations for this match, I believed in myself.
I fought back. I won't back down. I dodged his punches and his kicks. I won't let myself get a loss.
I believe I can win, and so I did. With a flawless kick, I finally took him down. The crowd cheers for me. All my struggles finally paid off. I am the champion.
I finally have enough money to be stable with her... We can start a family, get married... my perseverance pulled through.
I won.

Random thing about a street fighter who did it all for his girlfriend and his family... I was thinking of Biohazard when I did this so I couldn't refrain from making an action story.
Constantly dying yet never dead
One dark, windy night...The Magikarp were getting restless, they swam up the stream in a rush. I was the only Magikarp that was smart enough to feel a danger ahead larger than we can handle, but i continued along anyways, I'm the strongest Pokemon in the world anyways. We finally reached a giant waterfall, Magikarps were going up by the hundreds, prepared to defend the river. As i entered the top, i saw a team of 5 Gyarados, and they were big.One was hard to see, the red one, so we knew we had to keep our eyes open. The gyarados thrashed all of the first division of Magikarp troops. I saw no end to the slaughter, I then took my ragin' adament shiny magikarp behind to those stupid Gyarados and keeled alll of them with my magikal powers, thy was leik "NOOOOOO STOOOOP PLZZZ" and i was liek "SHUT up" and i splashed the heck out of him. Then there moms came outside and i was liek "OH HEEEEEECK NO" So i went and tackled them in the forhead, causing extreme paralysis. All the gyarados in the land wanted to stop The Great Magikarp, and they all rushed me at once, and i was liek, bro im from Dreamworld, and and went and fire my Ice Beam lieka lazor. They all died, thus hardly any Gyarados were in the world, and i wanted to keep it that way, so i gave all the magikarpz a magikal headbutt, causing them to never evolve, thus Gyarados were put in the endagered specise list and taken out of the pokedex. THE END.

Magikarp went into great depression after the last Garados finally died, he was scolded by all the noob trainers and some magikarps whome wanted to evolve. After reaching the end of it all, Magikarp traveled to the Pokemon League, to test his sills, but they were too easy. Being the most powerful pokemon in the world, he tried to end his life. Magikarp was caught drowning himself many times, but he was too powerful for the water, so instead the water exploded. He then traveld to the end of the galaxy, but his force was so strong, it exploded, magikarp had finally passed on.
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Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

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vote:ghost's story
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Do not hear the Whisper Men whatever else you do
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ok updated with a poll which of this is ur favourite story
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you said you needed it TOMORROW O_o
Monster MMORPG's first Kpop fan!
Back after more than 12 months of vacation. 
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it's postponed so im now gonna make it sunday
so if u guys can add more story ur welcome
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