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when we pvp,battle NPC and monsters we are taken to the homepage and not just that even when we try to go to top trainers list we are still taken to homepage

and prayudi 2 is actually in Indonesia but his ip shows the united states some weird glitch here
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
same thing is happening to me now i got in a battle with a wild monster and can't get to the gamepage keeps taking me back to the home page even when i click on top trainers or my profile
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same thing is happening to me for 6 hours now.
Hey guys...I noticed that it started happening after the special event was removed.  I pm'd cefurkan when I noticed it. (I tried to send an email but had problems, so I sent a pm instead.)
*finally got on the different computer and was able to send an email as well Smile
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yes, same thing is happening to me also.
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Weird... I dont have problems with this glitch and never had em too.. except for that i get send back to homepage when i view anyones profile (including my own)... all other things work fine for me.

Edit again - profile problem for me seems to be still happening... but still no other problems

using google chrome...
Yeah, I use chrome and even cleared my browser, did a disk clean up, and restarted my computer...still didn't help.  However, something has changed within the last 5 minutes...seems to working okay for now.
[Image: 2vru43d.jpg]
Char... I dont think so...
Cuz since 5 minutes ago my problems started and now im also having problems :/

Dang glitch...
i am still having problems btw, no fix here
my country has been fixed, but the homepage glitch still active
[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=447]
hmm yes this is there since the event ended so something might have gone wrong
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
#12 may just be a momentary reprieve for me, then.
[Image: 2vru43d.jpg]
Good spy work staff... 

Lets add the event back for 1 more week till the problem is solved :3 XDDD
it's still happening... Now when your in a monster battle and click on the monster moves, it also goes back to the home page. It is also starting to annoy me.
sorry for the problem fixed

in such cases please let me know from my skype : monstermmorpg
ok will do cfSmile

and thanks
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]

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