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Weekend nature changes!!!
Three NC/Full UV spots available

I have 3 nc/uv spots available. Please pm me the offers. I have a couple rules though.

1.No ancients for this weekends nc/uv's (sorry guys)
2. I will keep the winners updated daily until Sunday night at 7pm my time( currently 2 days and 1hr 40 minutes away at the time of this post) if someone out bids someone the winners will change.
3. PvP worthy monsters or gold are accepted (PvP monsters include but are not limited to excellent uv's despite the nature or an excellent nature despite the uv's, not all offers will be accepted. Sorry guys.

Current winning bidders



Feel free to send me a message on the forums or in game. Big Grin thanks and have a great weekend! Nature changes and uv maxes will be sent to CF on monday 6-25-2012 Payments must be received by close of bidding Sunday 6-24-2012 to be eligible for NC/Full UV's
So far two winners.... amaterasu and spitsy. Keep up the good bids everyone.
i offer
3.60 slumbon/corpoton-->

for a uv max on my quantum alaclipse

if u require more i can through in some gold/ other monsters
4.68 monsterror-->
[Image: 430ada87.png]

Killing is my business..........And business is good!!
Day two guys. Will check the bids when I get home from work. Smile
How much is winning bid?10m?i'm lost. Please feed my goldfish.
Haha viper its a blind bid. Message me your offer and I will let you know if it is approved or not. Keep an eye on the forums though because if I get a better offer it could drop you off the winning spot. Big Grin
Ok law, got it.
Last day and one spot still free. That means your bid is not against anyone currently on the board, just yourself. Big Grin Under 12 hours left until the bidding closes. Please send all offers to me or post in the forum is fine also. Have a wonderful rest of the day everyone!
Exactly one hour left people... if you want in you better start typing out those offers!!! LOL..... Seriously though the bidding is almost at a close please get me the offers and such if you are interested. Thanks everyone!
Thread closed. Thanks everyone!

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