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Monster MMORPG Version 7.4.0

=== This update has been prepared between 1 September 2023 - 23 October 2023 ===
[Image: kh13pj4.png]

[Image: kh13pj4.png]

1.0) For mobile users we have added another great user experience improvement to the game

1.1) Now in mobile browsers, by default, a virtual joystick navigation controller will be enabled like used in Android or iOS games

1.2) Both mobile users and PC users can switch between the new virtual joystick controller and the old traditional joypad controller anytime by clicking the icons on the right side of the game page [Image: joystick_icon_64.webp] [Image: joypad_navigation_64.webp]

2.0) All times number of captured Ancient Monsters count ranking added to the Top Trainers Ranking system and Users Profile page



2.3) This new ranking will be also historically kept as a seasonal ranking as well

3.0) When an enemy player's Monster is switched in PvP battles automatically by the system, an info message will be now properly displayed on the battle page battle logs panel

4.0) Tournament system was ignoring the Monster order that you set on the Select Monster page

4.1) Now your Monster order will be the same as the order you set select Monster page in Tournament Matches

5.0) Captcha security system has been updated and improved for users' playing experience

5.1) You can read details about the reCaptcha system of the MonsterMMORPG game here :

6.0) When no one joins your held Tournament, some of the rewards you have promised were not being refunded back to you

6.1) Refund problem is has been fixed

6.2) When you did not exactly type your Guild name filter in the Tournaments composition page (like all upper case), members of that guild were not able to join the Tournament

6.3) Guild name filtering is improved but still try to write your Guild name exactly as it is

7.0) New very useful PvP alert system has been added to the game

7.1) Now when someone starts a PvP match against you it will display a message to you

7.2) You will be able to enable or disable the following battle types individually

7.3) Computer Controlled PvP Battles : disabled by default

7.4) ELO PvP Battles : enabled by default

7.5) Tournament PvP Battles : enabled by default

7.6) Guild War PvP Battles : enabled by default

7.7) You can turn on or turn off alerts any time from your control panel (settings page) :

7.8) The system will check battles against you whenever you load a page

7.9) Moreover, if you don't load the page but make async actions such as moving on the map, it will check every 10 seconds and alert you as well with another type of message

8.0) For to get daily login reward, you had to logout and login back each day

8.1) Now you just need to visit the Game page and that will be sufficient to get daily rewards

9.0) Now you can compose your Tournament and set a registration date separately

9.1) So other players will see your Tournament but won't be able to register your Tournament until registration time arrives

9.2) Registration time can be minimum 60 minutes before the Tournament starting date

9.3) Tournaments page :

10.0) A major new gameplay experience improving feature has arrived : Automatic Specific Monster Hunting

10.1) Now you can set a target Monster from your control panel and automatic hunting will work until hunting that Monster :

10.2) The system works as follows:

10.3) You can enter any Monster ID from the classes you completed in the MonsterDex event.
10.4) You can use MonsterDex to find the Monster ID that you want to capture.
10.5) If the Monster you choose is on the map you are on, the auto-hunting system searches until it finds that Monster and bypasses all other encountered Monster.
10.6) When it finds the Monster of your choice, it stops and waits for you.
10.7) The already selected Monster will be displayed at the game page under Automatic Hunting panel - e.g. ?100
10.8) If your selected target Monster does not appear on your current map, it will be displayed as 0 and ignored
10.9) In order to deactivate target automatic hunting set target Monster Id to 0
Wow, a lot of changed since I was last about to come play Smile the game keeps on getting better

Thank you for another awesome update, Mr. CeF Big Grin !

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