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MonsterMMORPG F2P Indie Pokemon Style 2300+ Monster Game 21 July 2017 update change logs V 3.4.0

✓ Please read previous version change logs as well from here:

✓ A lot of new game mechanics added to the game with this update

✓ Guild level system:

✓ Guild wars system:

✓ Weekly ranking events system:

✓ Referral System:

✓ Reward system based on Gold and Silver Medals:

✓ Multiple level-gain in a single battle feature implemented

✓ Escape Rope item shortcut added to the game page

✓ Pokemon/Monster Center healing cooldown is removed, now your team will be instantly healed

✓ Battle result displaying is improved

✓ Register page visually improved

✓ Reward TP info display added to the game page before you enter battle

✓ Voting system is permanently removed. Now alternative is Reward Shop by using Medals

✓ Forum software and forum theme is upgraded and greatly improved. The forum is now mobile friendly

✓ A new daily login reward (1 Silver Medal) is added. Just login several times a day to not miss it

✓ The frequency of the anti bot security question google recaptcha is halved. Now every once 1000 actions (run or battle) it will be asked to you

✓ Several bug and error fixes

✓ Game framework and server software update

The links of new pages are below

✓ Guilds:

✓ Guild Wars:

✓ Weekly Ranking Events:

✓ Referral System:

✓ Reward Shop:

Ask any questions you have.

Whats planned next? Full in-game tutorial video series and advertising to get more new players

Thank you
Kind of intimidating, given the number of updates, but looks nice ;D
Even the forum got redesigned O_o
Wish I had more time to play...
thanks cef 
this is very informative..thank you so much
The sheer amount of changes might be overwhelming, but it does have a good aesthetic.
While the number of alterations may seem overwhelming at first, the overall effect is pleasing. amanda the adventurer
Very nice. I wantyo join
great, I love you
I'm very pleased with how well you write

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