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Version 2.5.9 Beta
MonsterMMORPG F2P Indie Pokemon Style 1900+ Monster Game 26 January 2015 update change logs V 2.5.9 Beta

✓ Please read previous version change logs as well from here:

✓ Entire market interface improved

✓ Minor bugs fixed

✓ All Monsters and NPCs on maps re-assigned

✓ 1 Week event started. This event will end at 2 February 2015

✓ New giveaway and other events will start at Facebook follow Facebook page:

✓ During event EXP and Gold boost is 50%
✓ During event 1 starter monsters catchable at certain maps

✓ Available Starters:

✓ 41 - Terracoil
[Image: 41-Terracoil.png]

✓ Official following social media channels are fully started please follow all of them
☑ MonsterMMORPG Youtube :
☑ MonsterMMORPG Facebook :
☑ MonsterMMORPG Google+ :
☑ MonsterMMORPG Twitter :
☑ MonsterMMORPG Linkedin :
☑ MonsterMMORPG DeviantArt :

✓ Updated monster images (77) (click F5 to see)

[Image: 231-Volantle.png] [Image: 232-Coreuption.png] [Image: 250-Razzbear.png] [Image: 251-Grizberry.png] [Image: 338-Stumple.png] [Image: 339-Chimber.png] [Image: 340-Lumberton.png] [Image: 341-Shramp.png] [Image: 342-Shrampion.png] [Image: 343-Shramperor.png] [Image: 378-Couava.png] [Image: 379-Leoava.png] [Image: 380-Magmanther.png] [Image: 409-Warsp.png] [Image: 410-Drawsp.png] [Image: 413-Rictodon.png] [Image: 414-Colosadon.png] [Image: 428-Vikling.png] [Image: 429-Dragestad.png] [Image: 432-Becho.png] [Image: 433-Vlat.png] [Image: 450-Quolec.png] [Image: 451-Sparquoll.png] [Image: 474-Warbly.png] [Image: 475-Jayon.png] [Image: 476-Shockwing.png] [Image: 482-Shnougon.png] [Image: 483-Draboom.png] [Image: 547-Shephup.png] [Image: 548-Valierd.png] [Image: 570-Iggoon.png] [Image: 571-Laguana.png] [Image: 572-Rioquana.png] [Image: 579-Robeetle.png] [Image: 580-Tankettle.png] [Image: 591-Twigler.png] [Image: 592-Stagrove.png] [Image: 593-Gallantler.png] [Image: 631-Quilpine.png] [Image: 632-Urqupine.png] [Image: 678-Mantcalica.png] [Image: 679-Lighthog.png] [Image: 680-Wartorch.png] [Image: 689-Eelish.png] [Image: 690-Emperish.png] [Image: 786-Dodomingo.png] [Image: 787-Magmingo.png] [Image: 792-Implin.png] [Image: 793-Roblin.png] [Image: 794-Atrolcious.png] [Image: 800-Raccorona.png] [Image: 801-Raccluster.png] [Image: 813-Chitet.png] [Image: 814-Coldepard.png] [Image: 815-Cryofelin.png] [Image: 816-Freezice.png] [Image: 817-Glacer.png] [Image: 833-Freezerine.png] [Image: 834-Wolvereeze.png] [Image: 874-Lampite.png] [Image: 899-Inkludge.png] [Image: 900-Pentome.png] [Image: 1089-Silvur.png] [Image: 1090-Silvun.png] [Image: 1091-Ghoulver.png] [Image: 1108-Pudde.png] [Image: 1109-Aquary.png] [Image: 1151-Covraco.png] [Image: 1165-Terragos.png] [Image: 1166-Monsumo.png] [Image: 1167-Monthud.png] [Image: 1563-Hunant.png] [Image: 1564-Florant.png] [Image: 1784-Tomable.png] [Image: 1785-Pepparia.png] [Image: 1786-Armydil.png] [Image: 1787-Drilmando.png]

✓ New added monsters (37)

[Image: 1903-Pterifluter.png] [Image: 1904-Pteriglide.png] [Image: 1905-Glidra.png] [Image: 1906-Pyrodile.png] [Image: 1907-Lavadile.png] [Image: 1908-Bovekow.png] [Image: 1909-Bovekos.png] [Image: 1910-Iktheo.png] [Image: 1911-Saurpedo.png] [Image: 1912-Sprant.png] [Image: 1913-Lavant.png] [Image: 1914-Voltant.png] [Image: 1915-Eticat.png] [Image: 1916-Radactric.png] [Image: 1917-Radacwat.png] [Image: 1918-Radacfir.png] [Image: 1919-Nymantis.png] [Image: 1920-Efflorantis.png] [Image: 1921-Dechanter.png] [Image: 1922-Grimphora.png] [Image: 1923-Koigel.png] [Image: 1924-Alurgous.png] [Image: 1925-Cracier.png] [Image: 1926-Novix.png] [Image: 1927-Starvix.png] [Image: 1928-Rekwrack.png] [Image: 1929-Resonos.png] [Image: 1930-Fragma.png] [Image: 1931-Rodok.png] [Image: 1932-Drazzor.png] [Image: 1933-Feurux.png] [Image: 1934-Cubhire.png] [Image: 1935-Clowhire.png] [Image: 1936-Jeshire.png] [Image: 1937-Steampunk.png] [Image: 1938-Gadavian.png] [Image: 1939-Byoxic.png]

✓ Updated and new monsters links

231 Volantle232 Coreuption250 Razzbear251 Grizberry338 Stumple339 Chimber340 Lumberton341 Shramp342 Shrampion343 Shramperor378 Couava379 Leoava380 Magmanther409 Warsp410 Drawsp413 Rictodon414 Colosadon428 Vikling429 Dragestad432 Becho433 Vlat450 Quolec451 Sparquoll474 Warbly475 Jayon476 Shockwing482 Shnougon483 Draboom547 Shephup548 Valierd570 Iggoon571 Laguana572 Rioquana579 Robeetle580 Tankettle591 Twigler592 Stagrove593 Gallantler631 Quilpine632 Urqupine678 Mantcalica679 Lighthog680 Wartorch689 Eelish690 Emperish786 Dodomingo787 Magmingo792 Implin793 Roblin794 Atrolcious800 Raccorona801 Raccluster813 Chitet814 Coldepard815 Cryofelin816 Freezice817 Glacer833 Freezerine834 Wolvereeze874 Lampite899 Inkludge900 Pentome1089 Silvur1090 Silvun1091 Ghoulver1108 Pudde1109 Aquary1151 Covraco1165 Terragos1166 Monsumo1167 Monthud1563 Hunant1564 Florant1784 Tomable1785 Pepparia1786 Armydil1787 Drilmando1903 Pterifluter1904 Pteriglide1905 Glidra1906 Pyrodile1907 Lavadile1908 Bovekow1909 Bovekos1910 Iktheo1911 Saurpedo1912 Sprant1913 Lavant1914 Voltant1915 Eticat1916 Radactric1917 Radacwat1918 Radacfir1919 Nymantis1920 Efflorantis1921 Dechanter1922 Grimphora1923 Koigel1924 Alurgous1925 Cracier1926 Novix1927 Starvix1928 Rekwrack1929 Resonos1930 Fragma1931 Rodok1932 Drazzor1933 Feurux1934 Cubhire1935 Clowhire1936 Jeshire1937 Steampunk1938 Gadavian1939 Byoxic

Monster MMORPG V 2.5.9 update news source
Thanks for the new images and monsters, plus the fixes Cef, look forward to the next event starter d(-_^)
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Thanks for the update and the monster rotation cef Big Grin
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