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Version 2.5.3 Beta
MonsterMMORPG Free Indie 1800+ Monster Game 3 September 2014 update change logs V 2.5.3 Beta

✓ Please read previous version change logs as well from here:

✓ Voting count will be seriously decreased after how useful they are analyzed in few days

✓ All Monster stats are being fixed at the moment if they are wrong

✓ At buy item from market, when you filter by TM HM moves the tooltips of items weren't displayed correctly this error fixed

✓ All Monster move sets are being fixed at the moment if they are wrong

✓ All Monster levels are being fixed at the moment if they are wrong (if it was below or above what level should they have been this caused by change of growth group and overloaded exp)
☑ If your Monster gets below level it is transformed into lowest form

✓ Now you can turn your Monster into the basic form for free unlimited times from your Monster details page

✓ HP percent display precision increased

✓ At stat calculator page now you can select none at the abilities and that would yield exactly same stats as your Monster details page

✓ Badges and Flying routes (zone 13+) history reset will be made from now on once every 3 months. They are 1 st day of March, June, September and December - at the game update time

✓ 75% EXP and Gold bonus event started until 8 September 2014

✓ Official following social media channels are fully started please follow all of them
☑ MonsterMMORPG Youtube :
☑ MonsterMMORPG Facebook :
☑ MonsterMMORPG Google+ :
☑ MonsterMMORPG Twitter :
☑ MonsterMMORPG Linkedin :
☑ MonsterMMORPG DeviantArt :

☀ Special starter monster catching event started until 8 September 2014. At this event a starter monster appears as wild monster on a single map:

♔ This weekend Monster is: ⇶ #122 Masagon [Image: 122-Masagon.png]

♔ This starter is catchable on: ⇶ Defiled Ruins [Image: Defiled-Ruins.png]

✓ Updated monster images (48) (click F5 to see)

[Image: 394-Hatchirp.png] [Image: 395-Sparrush.png] [Image: 396-Lacrow.png] [Image: 397-Gecrow.png]

[Image: 1507-Dragance.png] [Image: 1540-Maliki.png] [Image: 895-Cryogon.png]

[Image: 168-Tarkid.png] [Image: 169-Amphalt.png] [Image: 270-Rabies.png] [Image: 271-Raleon.png] [Image: 272-Raigan.png] [Image: 335-Bopeep.png] [Image: 336-Gibleet.png] [Image: 337-Monseep.png] [Image: 357-Guruguru.png] [Image: 417-Woodelf.png] [Image: 418-Chivaleaf.png] [Image: 428-Swotter.png] [Image: 429-Hidrotter.png] [Image: 454-Nagee.png] [Image: 455-Blunagi.png] [Image: 488-Chulember.png] [Image: 489-Fuenago.png] [Image: 494-Rasaur.png] [Image: 495-Dorscythe.png] [Image: 532-Mintol.png] [Image: 533-Florost.png] [Image: 534-Aromerita.png] [Image: 614-Gremin.png] [Image: 640-Sprike.png] [Image: 641-Chargell.png] [Image: 736-Vermander.png] [Image: 737-Chryvern.png] [Image: 738-Moduzagon.png] [Image: 749-Osorochi.png] [Image: 920-Cobrus.png] [Image: 921-Dracobra.png] [Image: 979-Leonior.png] [Image: 1007-Agapup.png] [Image: 1008-Loveen.png] [Image: 1085-Sluck.png] [Image: 1086-Noosis.png] [Image: 1276-Thrutcher.png] [Image: 1298-Crinch.png] [Image: 1357-Nephiler.png] [Image: 1358-Arachage.png] [Image: 1498-Jackrapid.png]

✓ Updated monsters links

☑  168 Tarkid169 Amphalt270 Rabies271 Raleon272 Raigan335 Bopeep336 Gibleet337 Monseep357 Guruguru394 Hatchirp395 Sparrush396 Lacrow397 Gecrow417 Woodelf418 Chivaleaf428 Swotter429 Hidrotter454 Nagee455 Blunagi488 Chulember489 Fuenago494 Rasaur495 Dorscythe532 Mintol533 Florost534 Aromerita614 Gremin640 Sprike641 Chargell736 Vermander737 Chryvern738 Moduzagon749 Osorochi895 Cryogon920 Cobrus921 Dracobra979 Leonior1007 Agapup1008 Loveen1085 Sluck1086 Noosis1276 Thrutcher1298 Crinch1357 Nephiler1358 Arachage1498 Jackrapid1507 Dragance1540 Maliki

Monster MMORPG V 2.5.3 update news source
awesome thanks cef
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
So much great designs to replace old LQ ones, thanks Cef and the designers as well, i am hunting something else ATM so no starter hunting for me, might buy a few however ;3
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✓ Now you can turn your Monster into the basic form for free unlimited times from your Monster details page => YES YES YES YES YES!!!
            thx PRYSMA 2
  [Image: 7G5XCZU.jpg]
Awesome update, thanks cef!
[Image: viking.png]

The Vikings Will Rampage.
i gonna laugh when these are considered "low quality" lol
[Image: 2drew7m.jpg]
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What a great update, cef!
While the number of alterations may seem overwhelming at first, the overall effect is pleasing.

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