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Version 2.5.1 Beta
Big Grin 
Monster MMORPG 6 August 2014 update change logs V 2.5.1 Beta

✓ Please read previous version change logs as well from here:

✓ All Monsters and NPCs on maps are re-assigned

✓ All Monsters default abilities that comes with donation re-assigned

✓ Previously Monster Id 1516 Quinnlong added to the game as a new legendary

✓ 12 Monster images updated to improve their quality

✓ 75% EXP and Gold bonus event started till next Monday (11 August 2014)

✓ Vote links updated - the number of vote links will be decreased after we investigate how useful they are

✓ Updated monster images (click F5 to see)

[Image: 594-Dipyro.png] [Image: 595-Dipochet.png] [Image: 596-Dipusling.png] [Image: 1516-Ryuu.png]

[Image: 1807-Quinnlong.png] [Image: 697-Furryclaws.png] [Image: 698-Icepiercer.png]

[Image: 422-Rutori.png] [Image: 423-Faidari.png] [Image: 424-Komovin.png]      [Image: 705-Wookey.png] [Image: 706-Fertamam.png] [Image: 707-Tikdra.png]  

✓ Updated monsters links

#422 Rutori#423 Faidari#424 Komovin#594 Dipyro#595 Dipochet#596 Dipusling#697 Furryclaws#698 Icepiercer#705 Wookey#706 Fertamam#707 Tikdra#1516 Ryuu#1807 Quinnlong

news source
yay finally an update that was worth waiting for thanks for it Big Grin
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I want Ryuu.
it gonna some time for me to get used to this new systems.
Great new update, thanks for the work Cef and Design staff
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But I Do Not Play Anymore
are the voting links still gonna be kept like that cause nobody is willing to vote and spend alot of time on voting
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