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Username inspired monsters - make your own with the moveset and abilities
name: Ballos

type: chaos/hatred (for those who played the game he's from here is a reference)

description: driven mad by his own magical power he now wishes to destroy anything living; he has a large cloak with two red colored eyes one near his chest the other about a foot away from the first. his bald hairstyle and creepy scarings near his actual eyes, one of which is completely red, makes him only look even more intimidating. many tried to fight him but only two ever beat him and they fought him as a team none know if any normal being could beat him without help none wish to find out...

nature: kill him or he will kill you (not joking; also another cave story reference)

class: insane warlock; seems close enough

gender: male 100% (cause he's a he?)

hp: 2000
attack: 250
defense: 175
special: 250
sp. defense: 175
speed: 300


psycho dash: chaos type, 80 power 95 acc, physical 25 mp; moving at high speeds this monster hits the opponent before it can move. can cause flinch 25% of the time

Six Shocking Strikes: electric type, 45 power 90 acc, special 25 mp; powerful bolts of lighting that ignore all buffs, debuffs, and even abilities. always hits six times

random bolt: ??? type, 85 power 95 acc, special 30 mp; a bolt of energy that has a random affect. always changes type at random but gives a random status ailment or stat debuff 20% of the time.

satellite summon: hatred type, 1 power 1000 acc, status 30 mp; summons a ring of eye ball like satellites that protect Ballos from all status type moves for the next ten turns (debuffs, burn, poison, etc, etc.)

black wind: chaos type, 20 power 1000 acc, physical move that affects special defence 50 mp; all abilities even immunities to the move itself become useless for the next 13 turns, removes all stat buffs and debuffs from the field even blocks them for the 13 turns, and removes ailments from ballos (burn, poison, you get the point).

one last battle: hatred type, 1000 power 1000 acc, it's neither physical nor special it just hurts; Ballos will cause instant death to anything unlucky enough to be the target ignoring any ability that could possibly let the target live, despite it's typing this move has no type. has 100% recoil.

more moves may be on the way
hello people of the light and fellow darksiders shall the darkness protect you!

[Image: blackwayve_sig_by_seviper3-d5cijum.jpg]
Name of Monster:Gupptor
Monster Type: Water/Grass
Monster Class: Zenith.
Monster Description: Also known for thriving in deep waters,this fish is that of the shape of a white shark with blue and yellow stars imprinted all over it's body staring with its gleary red, lightning eyes.This beast feeds on the life force of those around it
Gender Ratio: Male: ?% Female: ?%
Held Item: Dunno
Nature : Dunno
Abilities :Hmmmm Undecided

Movesets :Umm..... Sad
[Image: 4ab640cb58ed8813afd342449a09e628.jpg]
 3DS FC: 0103-9714-7767
 Name: Dexter
 Friend Safari: Electric

monster name : prayudi ( all base stats is 300 )
nature : butcher
monster type : unknown ( all types damage is 25% against this monster )
monster class : ancient but only one in the wild
monster description : baws
gender : 100% male
abilities : revival ( revive once after dead with full hp ), evaccuration magic ( every turn + eva 1 stat and -1 enemy acc ( even with max guard )), armor of drain ( absorb every enemies attack by 25% of damage to hp )
moveset :
fatal crush, mp : 12, acc : 99, does 499 damage to enemy even immune and 100% burn.
raise armor , mp : 20, acc : 1000, +5 def and sp def
galactic hell, mp : 5, acc : 77, bp : 433, user recover 44% of damage dealt. ( phys )
invisible hand, mp : 10, acc : 1000, make enemy misses for 6 turns
all moveset do 200% damage to every type, so if enemy has 2 types it should be 400%
[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=447]
still win infinete hp

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