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Tourney 1:Operation Climate
Hey,Tourney ppl^^This is a PVP challenge^^I have 7 minutes left to play on here so tommorrow accepting.Here are Rules first:
1)only Flying-Type Monsters,Water-Type,and Fire-Type are allowed.
2)2+ Monsters.
3)They must be lvl.13 or higher.
4)Follow the matchups if u join.
5)Only 15 Members in Tourney.
6)Violation of rules disqualifies u.
7)U get pts each time u win battles and lose points for each time u lose battles.
Will make a chart of ppl who request.U may comment here but if not,request via pm.
Thank u for abiding by my rules^^
Monster King(AKA ZaydenM142)
Acception Day^^Request to join,now^^Opening requests^^
Monster King(AKA ZaydenM142)
If u want EVERYTHING,go to for registration and description.There is even a chat for tourneys^^
Monster King(AKA ZaydenM142)

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