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ThePhantom's Tour

Welcome to my tour.


Legend Tier - All monsters except ancients are allowed.

Items Clause - All items except Held Items are not allowed!

Species Clause - A player cannot have 2 of the same monster in the same team.

Bomber Clause - All moves similar to Bomber and Bomber itself are not allowed!

Every battle is 2 out of 3.


If the rules above are not met, then you are kicked out! That means,

good bye. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. We don't want you

here. I'm joking that was harsh but you're disqualified!!


This tournament is a singles tournament. What does that mean? It means,
you need to train your emissaries. I will update the page when the exact
date of the tourny will start when there are more participants.

The brackets will be made using Challonge (A free tournament hosting website).

Don't be discouraged here people. Anyone can join!!! There is no limit of participants!! So keep them flowing!!


Magnificent Champion! -Icebragle + 1m

Runner Up - Polnorso + 250,000 gold

Everyone else - Better luck next time !

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Phanto I think that was too dramatic -.-
[Image: 2vkani9.jpg]
Small words FTW 8D
i want to join the tournament my IGN(in game name) is Thwultimatety249
ill join
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
I think some of the text here was copied by another tournament o.0
SparrowHawk's i think...
[Image: viking.png]

The Vikings Will Rampage.
its from sparrow's tour lol
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]

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