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Hi guys
i think everyone here wants their own legend and zeniths and ancient
so i am having a idea
We all must be together so while talking we can catch our legends and zeniths so we acn get them fast
All i wanted to tell is all who wants to catch legends and zeniths come it north pedgion city we will all meet their can star a legend and
zenith hunt together we can have fun with we can help our friends
Who wants to take part pls post down that they wanted to take part okay
The time is 12.30 - as u wanted to hunt
[Image: 422Tighost.png]
This.. made no sense to me, at all.
hey dude i will explain
[Image: 422Tighost.png]
i dnt get this ._.
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
The legends appear when our attention is not their and we run them or we r close to run them
but when we will talk and put competition all will try their best and they will get their own monsters fast
i expireanced this when i was catching miro i putted competition can i caught 3 miro and he go 5
same thing happened with icebragled i caught 1 in 5 - 10 min
[Image: 422Tighost.png]
so basically your asking people if they want to gather around and hunt ?
[Image: 9s5dhk.jpg]
yea we can get fast and have fun the game will too be friendly guys
[Image: 422Tighost.png]
Pffft that long explanation.. = group hunt '-_-
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[Image: 2vkc4nq.gif]
yea dude r u comming
[Image: 422Tighost.png]
sorry, i might not be here tomorrow, so i decided to put "no, busy" as a precaution. don't want you guys hunting me. Tongue

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