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TP-Training / Role Guide for Advanced Players
Heyho again Tongue
in this thread we get down to some PvP builds, which you'll quickly see have some familiarities with the 3 standard ones.

A note upfront, Movepool plays a MAJOR role for these builds, if you are not yet familiar with moves etc. I'd advise you to get into touch with that matter Big Grin 

Since we're advanced now, i will show build mons instead of just the Dex 

Wallbreaker : 

[Image: zvo7b4.png]

The wallbreaker usually hits harder than the sweeper or tank, albeit slower than the sweeper and more fragile than the tank. As the name says, it's there to destroy opponent walls. It's mainly used it PvP. 
As with everything, it can be split into subroles:
1) Physical Wallbreaker
2) Special Wallbreaker
3) Mixed Wallbreaker * ¤
* The fact that it's not meant to necessarily compete with sweepers allows for all out offensive setups, thus allowing it to be used mixed.
¤ Not a lot of Monsters have the Moveset to support that though.

Natures : Physical Wallbreaker : Trembling / Aggressive
                 Special Wallbreaker : Hallucination / Aggressive
                 Mixed Wallbreaker : Hallucination / Aggressive / Trembling

Abilities : Physical Wallbreaker : Slow Strong / Accuracy Master / Attack Master / Physical Master / Speed Master / Maximum Guard
                 Special Wallbreaker : Slow Strong / Sp.Attack Master / Accuracy Master / Special Master / Speed Master / Maximum Guard
                 Mixed Wallbreaker :  Slow Strong / Sp.Attack Master / Attack Master / Special Master / Physical Master / Accuracy Master / Speed Master / Maximum Guard

TP-Training :  Physical Wallbreaker : 400 Attack / 400 Speed
                          Special Wallbreaker :  400 Sp.Attack / 400 Speed
                          Mixed Wallbreaker : 400 Sp.Attack / 400 Attack

How to use : Wallbreakers serve as your mean to break walls, so it is important for them  to boast high offensive power. They will still outspeed walls and tanks, so unless they go up with priority moves, you're safe. 
You want high damaging moves, with their accuracy not too low.
Even better are HP% moves like plasma shot and berserker.
What's important is to not bring them in at the wrong time and to not let them get sweeped by opponent sweepers.
They depend on S.T.A.B.* and type advantage to add to their fire power, allowing them to break walls or leave them with just the option to heal and therefore stall.
As to PvE you should have no problems as long as you don't get outspeeded.
Moves should consist of one to boost accuracy and/or power, strong S.T.A.B.* moves / S.T.A.B. HP% moves and a priority move just incase.

* S.T.A.B. = Same Type Attack Boost/Bonus.
S.T.A.B. increases damage by 1.5x 
With Bonus Damage that factor becomes 2x.

Counter-Sweeper : 

[Image: mhdfkw.png]

Counter Sweeper are there to handle opponent sweepers with more ease.
They basically work the same as regular Sweepers, with the addition of having the ability Speed Decreaser usually instead of the Atk. increasing Ability( i will list them nontheless)
As with everything, there are 2subroles.
1) Physical Counter Sweeper
2) Special Counter Sweeper

Natures: Physical : Trembling / Aggressive
              Special : Hallucination / Agressive

Abilities : Physical : Speed Master / Speed Decreaser / Accuracy Master / Attack Master
              Special : Speed Master / Speed Decreaser / Accuracy Master / Sp.Attack Master

TP-Training : Physical : 400Attack / 400 Speed
                    Special : 400 Sp.Attack / 400 Speed

How to use : They will outspeed their opponent. So Strike first and kill their Sweepers before they are able to set up or get into the match. Important are Priority Moves. A Sweeper usually will go down upon one hit anyways, so there is nothing much to worry about. Get speed / accuracy buffing moves, so you're prepared for most situations, high damage moves so you can use them against more stuff than just sweepers aswell. Use accuracy Weapon as a held item, or if you see you could not outspeed another sweeper, you might want to run Speed Weapon to guarantee you outspeed. If your Monster is able to learn a " Same Unique Power / typing move" AND has a fitting Power Type, teach it, they are reliably accurate and perfect for handling the Meta Sweepers by making it Dragon / Light.

Note : You most likely want Speed Master / Speed Decreaser / Accuracy master on them.

Hybrid-Walls :

[Image: 2ef5hqu.png]

Hybrid walls are basically Walls with offensive power - a HP% move to precise. They not only keep enemy mons from setting up, or just stall their MP, they are also able to down them with Attacks rather than status spam alone.
Since they are setup as regular Walls, and won't be TP'ed in offensive Stats, I'll just list one:

Nature : HybridWall : Profound ( you want profound )

Abilities : HybridWall : Expert Regenerator / Maximum Guard / Slow Tough / Perfect Body / Cautious

TP-Training : HybridWall : 400 Defense / 400 Sp.Defense 
Might want to do some HP depending on how high it is.

How to use : Hybrid Walls are used as regular walls, you want moves to nullify status buffs, moves to clean status effects, moves to inflict status effects, healing, and an HP% Move.
Stall, attack, mess it up, and be wary of wallbreakers.
The Held Item should of course be an Orb.
Inflict Status effects, if the opponent buffs and it get's too high, undo it, heal and attack in between.

Note: You will find the Descriptions to be less detailed, that is due to the fact, that by now, you should have an idea on how to use monsters :p 

Once again a major special thanks to Minordaddy for building the monsters and thus allowing me to provide the screenshots.
Let's just go and see the world and just show them
What it really means to live life golden.

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