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Superior Tournament + more
This tournament allows monsters in the following tiers:

Starter (Non Full UV starters)
Non-Fully evolved Emissary --(This means you could have a Prinsinge, not a Kingnite)
No emissary can be in its final stage of evolution

Rules -=- LEVEL 69 MAX
Before the brackets are posted. Players must PM me their teams VIA forum pm or in game. This will prevent creation of counter teams, or using someone elses ideas for monsters. After brackets are created I will post the team lists below the brackets.
1) No full UV starters
2) No Health Items (This includes no potions, battle drugs, revives)
3) No 1k Power Moves
4) 6 Monster Teams maximum (No changing of teams)
5) Players have 2 Days to play their opponent or the win is given to the player who has visibly attempted to play or be on during that time.
6) Held Items are allowed
7) Best of 3. First person to get 2 wins = winner.
8) Players must report the winner of their match via Forum.

Tournament style and Date:
Tournament will begin Feb. 26th. (Superiors are easy to level so don't worry)
Brackets will be created at the beginning of tournament. Double elimination bracket style.

Winner --- 3 Million
Runner up --- 1 million

Errata: I reserve the right to deny participation to a player who sparsely logs on.

[Image: superiortournn.png]
Note: Amondarous, amandarius, shovel head....I cant spell your name off the top of my head and I am drugged on cold meds, so.....for all purposes, your name is now Lord Alphabet Rake. you see in the tournament bracket, impossible to spell rake.

I would like to join sounds fun I am already looking at neat superiors to train.
[Image: image]
i would like to join, if you'll let me.
[Image: blackstarsig_zpsc46521c1.jpeg]
Ok mike, ill let you in. I see you on enough =). Stay active though =P. Mikethegreat right?
(2012-02-16, 09:31 AM)Xrposiedon Wrote: Ok mike, ill let you in. I see you on enough =). Stay active though =P. Mikethegreat right?
ya im mike the great, thanks for letting me in posiedon :]
[Image: blackstarsig_zpsc46521c1.jpeg]
hmm, count me in! is there an entry payment or something?
hmm... seems interesting enough, i'm up for it
"For what is a man, what has he got. If not himself, then he has naught" - Frank Sinatra
[Image: 2ppzlnp.jpg]
no entry fee. Just gonna run it for fun. I also don't play in my own tournaments. So sadly, I will not be participating. If you would like to PM me your team list makeups, That is fine, and I will post them after brackets have been created so that no one can try a counter team.
me too im joining this
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
I would like to participate what deadline must I meat for roster turn in ?
ok bigtymer, rosters are sent to me via pm by the end of Feb 26th
Still looking for a few more for this tournament. I will push back the deadline a few days if people need time to get a team together. I really would like to get an even field of 8 for the draw.
Count me in xrposeidon.
counted in Dark.
are we moving the date back then xr?
If rake will play and has a team he needs to train for a few days, yes. otherwise, No. We will play it with 7

Ok Rake is in, thats a total of 8. Entries are closed. Draws are going to be posted Sunday Night, Teams must be pmed to me, or posted in the forum here if you want to just avoid the hassle.

I pushed back the start date by 2 days, just because rake was not sure if he would enter until tonight and I was really hoping to have a full draw.
so we have to post our teams by tonight but the actual tourney won't start till tuesday?
Anomandaris rake......
[Image: image]
lol thanks uncle. I just dont really ever memorize the anime or manga or whatever style names.

Also something weird has happened to the forum topic first post. I have no slide bar to scroll over to see the right side of my original post....I think it occurred when I posted the brackets with them being so wide. So I will have to post the team lists below.

If your team is posted, you are cleared to play your matches. All matches do have a 2 day time limit to play them, the only exception is rake and his opponent. He should have a team ready, but he was a last minute join, so to answer your question Iremember, the postponement of the play was geared towards rake as I did not want to have to give someone a bye for the first round...although now that I think about it, it is double elimination....sooo, byes wouldnt really matter too much as its a feed in bracket.


lv 69 chloroot
lv69 croconduct
lv69 felox
lv69 snaptor
lv 69 nutriver
lv69 leachon


Supportive Duoris:
Mirage Champeon:
Verve Fadedy:
Discreet LEacheon:
Blockhead Poidollec:
Trembling DRacount:



A. Rake



1 Tazahawk -
2 Puppector -
3 Mundoween -
4 Chirane -
5 Extreece -
6 Wheegon -







staff and dark haven't been on in quite long
Ok tournament starts 12:00AM 2/29. From that time, players have 2 days to play their matches. If your opponent has not pmed a team list to me, they are not eligible to play unless they do so first.
Okay I beat Mike this time... By the way Pc... Nice chirane
[Image: image]
recorded thanks uncle.
So not sure who my opponent is, I've searched for his name on the game but haven't been able to find him.

Also, thanks uncle lol


Edit: Ha! Found him/her. Search Engine was acting funny on me. With that being said he/she hasn't been on in 24 hours. While I may have been on the past 2 days my team wasn't ready to actually battle yet. So not sure what you feel is the proper course of action for this.

With that being said, I'm also going to be gone this coming Saturday and Sunday for a road trip. I wanted to give you a heads up.

last edit: we met up, we battled, we had fun.... period! Smile
"For what is a man, what has he got. If not himself, then he has naught" - Frank Sinatra
[Image: 2ppzlnp.jpg]
dark hasn't been on either for nearly 7 days now
round 1 Big-0 Kave-2
Round 1 Done, Defaults have been given for those players who have not posted their teams or played. Round 2 begins now. 2 days to play matches.
Pc beat me 2-1
[Image: image]
rake beat me 2-0
Rake beats pc 2-0

curse that raston Tongue
"For what is a man, what has he got. If not himself, then he has naught" - Frank Sinatra
[Image: 2ppzlnp.jpg]

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