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One day a gigantic turtle came from beneath the Earth. It's huge body was the size of earth itself. Eventually, the Turtle slowly ate the entier earth and found himself in the middle of space. After eating Earth, the turtle grew as big as the Sun! The turtle ate the Sun, as well as the entire solar system. He was then hungry and decided to grow rockets on his shell (/-w-)/

The turtle grew the rockets using space stuff and journeyed through space, eating planets and stars. He eventually was attacked by the intergalactic police. The turtle went into its shell and stayed afloat into space. Frank, an unfortunate man, was able to stay underneath the shell during it all and was falling inside the deep shell slowly due to the zero gravity. Seeing that Frank was the last man alive, Frank tried to kill himself by choking on no air, but due to him being half alien he was alive ;w;

Frank quietly landed on the turtles gooey skin and was instantly attacked by a pair of super goldfish! Frank got a glob o turtle goop and threw it at the superfish, they fainted and frank proceeded toward them. Being super hungry, Frank ate the super fishes and obtained their powers. Using his power to fly, he exited the turtles shell, he was instantly attacked by intergalactic police and hit them with his fish ray powers, although his mighty powers were strong, he was outnumbered and captured! >:0

Frank was like *NUUUUUUUU* and was tortured an was almost about to die, but then the space turtle rammed the ship and Frank was free of the chains, sprinting across with his fishy powers. He zapped a window and broke free, landing on the turtle. The turtle then flew away toward space running from the ships. The police were gaining on them, but Frank used his fishy power to turn them into goldfish. Smelling the fish, the turtle stopped and was like NUM NUM NUM ,=,0 . . .
Thus the police were ALL gone. Frank thanked the turtle as he ate more and more planets. Eventually the space military come in with 1 billion ships larger than the turtle. The turtle was captured and brought into a science facility and resized to be the size of 3 franks, which was still pretty big. The turtle was brought into jail in a huge alien planet and frank was his cell mate. Frank was secretly devising a plot to escape and IM BORED NOW Big Grin

The end.
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

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Uhh... umm... ...

. . .

O.o . . .

Needs more turtles imo
You dare Challenge ME ?

(2012-04-28, 12:44 PM)Kamidara Wrote: Uhh... umm... ...

. . .

O.o . . .

Exactly my face was..

Errr.....what the...
Constantly dying yet never dead
Oh sweet madness
this isn't fanfiction you nugget head(man these censors IDEK what even)
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