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SkyRock has arrived - again
Yeah, seems like it - SkyRock is back...
20 days, in a camp, new friends and stuff... learned to play soccer (kinda) and met a lot of LoL players (yay)

-So... earlier, last day program, tons of crying xD but, I tried to hold them back ;( (And I succeeded... my eyes were just tearing up)

But now, SkyRock is back - FINALLY, missed you guys, sorta Tongue
Missed home, missed friends, but now we're back so.... yeah, what did I miss?
Constantly dying yet never dead
welcome back rock good to see u here again 
i see u had alot of fun Tongue
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Welcome back Sky , Happy to see you enjoyed the trip ^^
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Welcome back ;p
Let's see... you missed [insert what you missed here]
"A man who's lost his pride can never be free" 
- Ramza Beoulve
Welcome rockie
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Be Blinded By My Prowess
you missed know it's true :p
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It's just now I feel that... it is more fun there than here at home :/
Constantly dying yet never dead
wb meteor shower you . . .
I have the nagging feeling that I've met this skyrock person when I was traveling to Mars... is he the same guy?
welcome back rock
[Image: blackstarsig_zpsc46521c1.jpeg]
Welcome back from your trip Rock Smile ..... or Sky... or who-ever you are... maybe you are chuck norris... who knows... mhmm... *spy face*

[Image: im-watching-you-meme-gif.63218]
Not coming back to game... it's just... being gone for so long and coming back to see these changes... I too noob now I quit game (not like I was active anyway)
Constantly dying yet never dead
wat is hafffffening hereeee
oh its just rainer.
Monster MMORPG's first Kpop fan!
Back after more than 12 months of vacation. 
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