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Showcase Monsters here!
Welcome to...(Drum Roll pls)
Drummer:*Drum Roll*
This is the first zone for showcasing your monsters!
Each I will try to make as different as possible!
More zones coming soon!
What do you think about these UV's and TP's and moveset and Nature?
Wut TP,Moveset,Nature and UV's to put?:
Nailed it lol(Lol best wall monster in da WORLD):
Not bad?:
Potasinite and Dimagem remain hidden:O
Following Amphalt
Pkmn X and Y name:Zayden
If u need tips,just PM me on pokemon:
I'll have Wi-fi soon so here is my friend code:
2209 1370 2565
Mii name:Zayd Attack
Bye yall Shy
You have a unique gift for crafting compelling narratives that leave a lasting impact

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