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Can there be a [Release Monster To Nature] button when they are in storage? To all those using the Ahuiver technique out the I'm sure you encounter this problem too
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Constantly dying yet never dead
Why have it in storage? You could accidentally lose track on which monster your releasing and release the wrong one. Tongue

And what's this Ahuiver technique?
i don't think it is necessary to have release monster feature in storage because when beta comes you will not be able to afford so many ultimate boxes and so you will not be able to catch so many monsters and so ... you will not need this feature anymore
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another thing when you release a monster to the wild upon capture will you be able to find the same wild monster again?
Constantly dying yet never dead
the ahuiver technique is a training baisicly spam catch ahuivers cause theyre good xp holders
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I always thought ahuviers were zeniths.?
I asked CeFurkan about this 1 month ago or so, he said something like: Sorry we don't need that, in beta it won't be that easy to catch monsters so there won't be a massive amount of monsters to be released.

Anyway I agree with this idea, I still want that to happen.
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It's beta and I still need it sometimes
Constantly dying yet never dead
Ill support
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