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So I was thinking about one, in my opinion, good in-game addition. As you would already guess from thread title, I was thinking about Random Item Drop. Random item's will picked up while walking on grass/water/rocks e.t.c. but chance of it will be like 15-20% or maybe even 10 or so, not sure about it. And you will be noticed that you picked item by like showing that item on screen like monsters show up when you ran into them. Or if monster will drop item, you will be noticed after battle, like as if you gain lv it says Gained level ----- Yes/No under this will be like Picked item ----- "Name of item". This should be funny, in my opinion, and item can be sorted with it's value, like chance if getting "Ultimate Box" from walking will be like 1-2% as it's expensive. And also in monsterdex we will see which monster drops which item and whit what value, like "Regular" monsters drop like low value items/ which don't cost much [Potions, monster box and such] and it will also have little high drop chance like 10-15%. "Superior" drop more valuable stuff then regular do, with less chance or maybe same who knows =D =P "Zenith/Legendary/Ancient" will drop pretty much same items but with different chances, Zenith with 10%, Legendary with 5% and Ancient with 1-2%. Reason that
"Zenith/Legendary/Ancient" drop pretty much same items is that those type monsters are rare by them self already so giving them different items won't be fair. This sounds more interesting in my opinion.
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Nice, but I think this will be implemented soon enough in a different way. I don't really support the finding items on the ground. (Plus, 10-20% is quite large) And I think NPCs will drop items after battle.
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i think its a cool idea, but i think the ncps are going to give items.
An addition to this?
(2012-08-29, 03:49 PM)SparrowHawk Wrote: An addition to this?
Cef approved?
Well, that's great, as long as the drop rate is low...
"A man who's lost his pride can never be free" 
- Ramza Beoulve
(2012-08-29, 03:49 PM)SparrowHawk Wrote: An addition to this?
sorry sparrow I really didn't knew that there was thread about this already, I posted and then rock told me that there was one already, if you want I can delete this one
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fun concept but i think it will be "bottable" and cef will have another problem with bots.
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...I don't see why we need to delete this.
(2012-08-29, 03:49 PM)SparrowHawk Wrote: An addition to this?
"A man who's lost his pride can never be free" 
- Ramza Beoulve
I'm not deleting it.
Smile I like this idea
420 Blaze it Lol
This is a very nice idea! Big Grin
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