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Possible monster breeding system?
I think there should be a monster breeding system, cause I joined with the words "Like Poke'mon" in my head and found no breeding availability. This saddened me as that is my most favorite part of the Poke'mon games. Not only is it fun for some people, but it can reduce the small amount of people trying to hack in to get all of them cause then people could breed starters and sell them. ^^
The only problem with that is that people would stop hunting because then they'd be able to breed zeniths legends and ancients.
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People wouldn't stop hunting if u can't breed zenith, legends, or ancient
Didn't say all of the monsters. Just basically the low class ones and starters.
This has been suggested so many times, and it got turned down every time for many reasons..

first, yes, we look like pokemon, but the last time we tried to copy Nintendo, they sued us for it. As this is a good idea, they could also look at it as an oppurtunity to sue us due to copyright of the idea.. (stupid enough..)

Second, which has been stated already, people would stop hunting.. or would they? if you already have one of an emmisary monster, why would you want one more? to complete the monsterdex? you can most likely get the same monster in lvl 50+ anyways, so why waste the time on breeding.. Getting shinies? there are no such thing as shiny monsters, so breeding for shinies is.. a waste. 

as much as a love breeding in Pokemon, i do not want it here, due to the fact that this is not pokemon.
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The Vikings Will Rampage.
As an independent game from the one of nintendos I agree to the fullest with Lolz. This game has been running with the "training wheels" of Pokemon more than enough now. This game needs not to keep moving closer to Pokemon, but to gradually step down from knocking off of it too much.
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This is a Pokemon-esque game. If you want to get away from pokemon then quit this game, and find another. 

On to the topic.. Breeding could & would possibly be a good thing here. (Also, since when can you copyright "breeding"? Lol) It'd allow for the possibility to breed for the natures, and maybe uvs you want instead of having to search for hours on end.

I'm not completely opposed, but I'm not completely sold on it either. I just don't know where it'd fit in honestly.
very hard system with our current limited resources Sad

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