Poll: What is the best Nature for Dracloud?
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Poll: Best Nature for Dracloud
Debate: Which is the best nature for Dracloud, Trembling or Hallucination?
ALSO, please explain why
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well trembling is far better then hallucination but verve and mirage is better then trembling imo

because legend power can i hit ko dracloud

and dracloud got 1000 physical move with bonus damage so it can 1 hit ko many mons with holding flying crystal but for that he need to survive 1 move

mirage and verve will help in that
dracloud is a attacker so trembling would be best... but i like a mirage one with "drake dance" move^^
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lol, the point is, why would you even put out trembling dracloud when the enemy monster has legend power o-o
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Here ya go : Dan's Thoughts - It contains Dracloud

Btw, trembling.

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