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Pokemonpets Extreme Training Service Exclusive
Here I train pokemon in the other game so save Gold for this FAST AS POSSIBLE service and I can access 19 Gyms so just mount an EXP Share,and Im ready.
Here are the things that make the equation for the price.
Fast level rate:2,000,000
Slow level rate:3,500,000
Ultra Rare:100000
Shiny Mega:2,500,000
Shiny Mega Legendary:4,000,000
                                                        Time For Discounts(TFD)
The discount isle.Check out our discount section.
ZaydenService Membership-
A for-fun feature that if you make an order,and you contact me Ingame(Zayden Aegislash),you can be a ZaydenService member and get discounts.
_to be continued_
Pkmn X and Y name:Zayden
If u need tips,just PM me on pokemon:
I'll have Wi-fi soon so here is my friend code:
2209 1370 2565
Mii name:Zayd Attack
Bye yall Shy
Can you tell me how much it takes to experience this  DMV Practice Test service?
Look at the right

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