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Please Help!!! (solved)
Cef shows again why he is so awesome ^-^
Do you have a forgotten password option for your email?
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yes  and did all that! now there is a diffrent problem @_@ the e-mail has been changed to my account Sad i dont know how i havent been giving out my password or anything Sad im really sad i dont want to quit like this!
I searched your username in the game and theres no sign of it maybe I'd suggest contact cef
(2014-06-18, 08:19 PM)geargirl Wrote: I have lost my password and my e-mail password so i cant log in or change the password Sad

Please santy or capt or anyone! help me ask cef to help me somehow!!!

<not fake account cause i have all my threads and everything> like the house thread! :p + everyone knows im weird!

but i really cant log in or get my password back ;-; help help help!

if for some reason cef wont give the info cuz of the fact u could be lying tell him to check the ips.....if they match then u are who u say u u are  Big Grin
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I guess someone changed my username as well Sad
i hope he does belive me cause you all know i am me Sad
Alex330 problem fixed

sorry for this mistake
thank you I got you message from DeV

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