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While I was training, a idea popped into my head.
What if players had a certain ability?
Players with abilities ? What?!
Allow me to explain.
I was introduced to this game called df.
In that game each type of player had its own pros and cons.
So I was thinking we could implement the same things.
For instance;
You have a group of people who gain 10-30% more exp in total.
You have another group that gains 10-30% more money in total.
Or another group would be 1-5% more finding percentage in total.
More ideas can occur but those were the major wons for the people who hunt and train.
You still get to be any character you want though.

Signature Shop
Player abilities = support
What you gave as examples = no support

My idea about this:
1. Slot machine type
2. Comes with your chosen starter
3. Computer randomly generates
4. Pick a type/element
5. Pick what you want
6. Pick a card type (almost the same as #1)

Extra income for the game ideas:
--Donation for extra abilities (maybe $10each? Since it's really useful)
--10,000,000 gold for EACH extra ability (it should be valuable)(if ever we still have the in game gold for dollars thingie, then we would use that exchange rate)

That's my point of view..
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I like the idea of player abilities, but with only the pros Tongue.
As for fj's idea, the first portion sounds kind of like pokemon tower defense.
Big Grin
This is similar to what someone else posted.

Gaining extra exp and money, I don't support. There are ways of doing that in game and we already had (or still have) an economy problem. Too much gold, we have.

And I found out who suggested something like this.. it wuz me :O

*quotes post*
(2011-05-12, 11:05 PM)SparrowHawk Wrote: [Image: hahaha-024.gif]

Starting out differently :

I did get this from another Pokemon game but it will have statistics Smile *background woo noise* weeeee.. okay enough.

Anyways, when registering for an account, there should be another option that allows users to pick what type they would like to specialize in. Types as in monster types. Dark, Light, Fire, Water, etc.

Once they choose a type, whatever monster in their profile is the type that they have chosen will have a stat boost of 15% since the trainer specializes in that type.

I'm not sure what the stat boost could be but I say it can be anything. If the trainer specializes in dark types, whatever dark typed monster they have should increase gaining exp by 15% or their dark type moves are increased by 15%. Also, special attack stat is increased by 15% as well.

It all depends on the monster's type and the trainer's type.
i like the idea. i'll support.
.. Dei that's like what I said in #4 only made clearer :P
Monster MMORPG's first Kpop fan!
Back after more than 12 months of vacation. 
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needs to hammer out details.
support is fleeting if the idea has no well laid foundation to build upon
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Hey guys well i think that the sign of good player is that it has a great abilities according to its participation on playing games.Thanks!!
i am planning guild system

guilds may provide such bonuses to the their members Smile

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