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Peter Parker revised biography.
"Hey guys I am Peter Parker revised. I will now introduce you with my biography."

Job :
I do not work at the Daily Bugle anymore. It turns out that I made too much money and the company got promoted. I asked for a raise twice a month since my photos were so pro. I made $15,567 a year. The Green Goblin destroyed the company so everyone has to get a new job until the Daily Bugle is rebuilt and improved.

I work at the Daily Lunchbox now. I make and sell well-made lunchboxes and packages of lunch. I like this job except the hours. The hours are too long. They shouldn't even be called hours. I get paid by the hour anyway, it's very horrible pay. I get $3.75 an hour. I hate that. So, I changed the management. I am now the manager. We do not get paid by the hour anymore. =)

I now get paid $10,000 a year just for managing the store and for making/creating lunchboxes and packages of lunch for the homeless and kids at the park.

It's a fun job. Nothing to do with my abilities.

Responsibility :
I am still spider-man. I just don't show up as much, I let the cops handle it. When it comes to something supernatural or if the police can't handle it, that's when I step in.

I don't use my powers, even in private. I actually do stuff now so when I ever lose my abilities again, I am well prepared.

Also, I have gained a new ability. I am able to create things out of my web besides bullets and swinging vines. I can create anything to help my ability without using hand-to-hand combat. I can make web mallets, surf-boards, skateboards, etc.

Family :
My Aunt May has passed away. I miss her very much. I'm not alone though. I am raising a family now. I am happily married with Mary Jane. She is now Mary Jane Parker. We've been married for 4 years now. We have 2 kids and another one on the way.

My first son is 3 years old. His name is James Tucker Parker. He is walking and talking now but the thing is.. thanks to my abilities, he can sense almost anything now. He also can sense people's thoughts. His anger is dangerous. My first daughter is very beautiful. She also has mutant powers. 1 of them is being so beautiful, the other is using her looks to kill and get what she wants. She over powers her mother surprisingly. I just hope my new child is regular ;-; I love them all though.

Friends :
I have no friends.

Well, that's it guys. That's basically the highlight of my life. If you would like to be my friend, send me a request in facebook. It's Spider-man gone Suburban. I only have 1 friend and that's the creator of facebook ;-;

I am Peter Parker also known as Spider-man. Cya l8r guys.

Message from Deidara : Lol

lol @ this
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Short and to the point. A very creative stance on how Spider man could have developed.
CeFurkan Wrote:
@Nitz_X u really should leave this game
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Speaking of spiderman....theres a new spiderman coming up but its not spiderman 4 its spiderman reboot. Meaning a new actor incoming and also its not a single title. Its The Amazing Spiderman.
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