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PR Chapter 3: Evan's First Gym, Neimi the Fire Queen!
Pokemon Rausten
Chapter 3: Evan's First Gym, Neimi The Fire Queen!
The ferry comes to a stop at the Cyrem Docks and a flock of people come out, glad to stretch their legs after a long trip. Evan and Jared are making their way off, when a pair of hands land on their shoulders. The boys turn around to see who stopped them. They see it's the captain, who gives them a pleasant smile. "Hello boys," he says, "I'm going to keep my promise, so allow me to take you to the Cyrem Cafe." Evan and Jared nod. "Okay!" they say together. The trio walks off towards the city, ready to have a wonderful time.

After a few minutes of walking, they stop outside a brightly lit green building. The inside seems to be bustling with lots of people, and to the right is a lovely deck where people can have their food in the fresh air. They go onto the deck and sit at a table next to the building. A waitress walks up to them with some menus. "Good afternoon," she says with a smile as she sets the menus in front of them. "I'm your waitress Caroline. I'm happy to serve you today. Can I get start you off with some drinks?" They all ask for water and she walks off. Evan watches the street as people are passing by. He notices an artist with his Smeargle painting a picture of a couple across the street. He sees people looking through the windows to the shops, and some of them going in. He is admiring the beauty of the city when he hears Jared behind him. " next?" Evan turns towards Jared. "Sorry, what?" he asks. Jared replies, "I said 'What are you going to do next?' you should really pay more attention to people." "Sorry Jared," Evan apologizes, "I haven't been across the river before, so I'm kinda checking out the city. As for what I'm doing next, I'm probably gonna go challenge Neimi after lunch." Evan looks down at his menu. "Hmm, cheeseburger and a milkshake sounds delicious." Jared nods in agreement, "I'll have one too." The captain sets down his menu. "I guess that makes three of us, huh?" The waitress returns and they order their food. She promises to be back in 10 minutes and she takes their menus back inside.

After lunch Evan and Jared thank the captain for the meal and head to a PokeCenter to heal their Pokemon. They finally find it nestled between two different shops. Evan goes inside and talks to Nurse Joy. "Hello," he says, "I need my Pokemon healed." he sets his Pokeballs on the counter. "Me too please." Jared says as he sets his down too. The nurse takes them and says they'll be fully healed in a few minutes. "Hey Jared," Evan says, "I'm gonna go to the Pokemart, I need to get potions and stuff for the gym battle." "Okay," Jared replies, "I'll stay here with the Pokemon." Evan walks out and heads next door. When the automatic door to the Mart opens, music and bright fluorescent lights beckon him inside. He walks up to the counter and talks to the clerk. "Hi," he says politely, "I'm a trainer, and I was wondering if I could get some potions and revives, if you have them." The clerk turns towards the shelf behind him. "Certainly young man," he says, "Are you planning on challenging Neimi? She hasn't been beaten in 3 years, you know." Evan's heart sinks a bit. Three years, he thinks, do I even stand a chance? "No, I didn't know that," he says to the clerk, "thanks for telling me though. I'm gonna try my best." The clerk turns around with a bag full of potions and revives. "Well, I wish you the best of luck. That will be P2500" Evan pays the clerk and heads out.

He gets back to the Pokemon center and sees Jared feeding snacks to the Pokemon. He holds up the bag. "All set," he says, "Are you gonna watch me battle?" Jared gets up and puts the last snacks in his bag. "Sure I will," he says, "What kinda friend wouldn't? I wanna see you kick her butt!" Evan looks down at his feet. "Well," Evan says, "I might not be able to...she hasn't been beaten in three years..." Jared's jaw drops. "THREE YEARS!?!?!" He exclaims, "Er...I mean, you've got this, don't worry!" The boys return their Pokemon to their balls and head off towards the gym. When they arrive, they see that the gym has been built in the shape of a volcano, complete with a lava hologram spurting out the top. They walk in and are instantly surprised by the heat inside. A man, cooling himself off with a fan, is sitting on a bench inside. "Hello boys," he says, "I'm the Gym Guide. I'm here to give you some helpful hints. Which of you will be competing today?" Jared points at Evan. "Okay then, and what's your name?" the guide asks. "My name's Evan, sir. Can you tell me why it's so hot in here?" The guide shakes Evan's hand. "Pleasure to meet you Evan." he says, "As for the heat in here, well Neimi is the Fire Queen, and she likes her environment to suit her Pokemon. If you wanna beat her, I suggest a water type." Evan holds up his custom Pokeball. "I have a Totodile, but he only knows Water Gun, which isn't that strong a move..." The guide pulls out a strange looking disc. "Not to worry, my boy." he says, "This here is a technical machine, or TM for short. If you use this on your Pokemon it instantly learns the move that's downloaded on the disc. This one contains Aqua Tail. It's a vicious physical water attack, perfect for taking down Neimi. I'll use it on your Totodile and you'll be all set." Evan grins in excitement. "Really? Cool!" he sends out Totodile. The guide crouches down next to Totodile with the disc in hand. "Now watch this." he says. He takes the disc and places it to Totodile's head. The disc glows and begins pulsating with a bright white light. After a few seconds, it finally stops and takes on it's simple blue color again. The guide stands up and puts the disc in his pocket. "Now tell Totodile to use Aqua Tail, and he'll know it." Evan returns Totodile. "Wow, thanks." he says, "I can't wait to use it." They begin walking into the inner room. "Good luck!" the guide shouts behind them as he sits back down and cools himself off.

The boys enter the inner room and see that it's a big rock in the center, surrounded by a river of lava. They cross the wooden bridge to the center rock. The boys reach the rock and look around. "Maybe she's not here?" Jared suggests. Just as he's saying this, A girl in a red top and skirt hops down from somewhere above and lands gracefully in front of them. She had long red hair that flowed down her back and her body was wrapped in a pink scarf. Her eyes were a cool blue that seemed to gaze into your very thoughts. "Which of you have come to challenge me?" she says. Evan steps forward. "I have." he says calmly. "I'm Evan from Renaville, and I'd like to face you in a Pokemon battle." She smiles at him from behind her scarf. "You seem a bit too young, but alright. I accept." Evan exclaims, "I'm not young! I'm fifteen years old!" She giggles lightly. "That seems young to start on your own adventure. Shall we begin the battle, I hope you have at least three Pokemon, or this conversations over." Evan holds up his Pokeballs." Yeah, I do! So let's go!" "Alright," she says, "Prepare to battle." she hops back to her designated area. Evan walks over to his and gets his Pokemon at the ready. "This shall be a single battle," she says, "You may switch Pokemon any time you like, but should all of your Pokemon be unable to battle, you lose. I hope you're ready." Evan nods. "Yeah," he says, "I'm ready as I'll ever be." She nods as well. "I like your spirit...Begin!"

She tosses out her Koffing, which pops out of it's ball and spouts a bit of gas. "Alright then," Evan says, "Go Pidgey!" he tosses his Pidgey's ball out. Pidgey flies up into the air and screeches at the Koffing. "Koffing," Neimi shouts, "Use smokescreen on that Pidgey!" The Koffing releases a thick cloud of smog, which covers the battle field. "Pidgey," Evan commands, "Use Gust and clear the smoke, then hit it with Steel Wing!" Pidgey flaps it's wings strongly a few times and clears the smoke. Once Koffing's location was revealed, Pidgey swoops in and smashes it with Steel Wing. The Koffing falls to the ground, fainted. "That was kind of easy Neimi." Evan comments. Neimi tosses out her Charmander next. "I'm just getting warmed up! Charmander, Metal Claw!" The Charmander rushes at Pidgey and leaps into the air. "Dodge it!" Evan shouts, but it's too late. The Charmander managed to connect with Pidgey's wing, sending it spiraling to the stage. Pidgey hops up, dazed but otherwise okay. It faces the Charmander and flaps it's wings, sending dust into it's opponent's eyes. Pidgey leaps at the Charmander, beak at the ready. "Charmander, Ember straight ahead!" Neimi says. Charmander, still blinded, launches an ember forward, giving Pidgey a severe burning and causing it to faint. "Oh no!" Evan says as he returns Pidgey to his ball. "You did good buddy. Now it's your turn Totodile, come on out!" He tosses his Pokeball onto the field. Neimi smirks. "I was waiting for that. Come at me then!" Totodile bares it's teeth at Charmander. "Totodile!" Evan says, "Use Water Gun!" Totodile launches a torrent of water at the Charmander, dousing it's flames and fainting it. Neimi returns it. "Excellent, you're doing better than expected." she says, "Now, let's see you handle my Growlithe!" She tosses the Pokeball and a cute dog pops out and barks at Totodile. "Growlithe, use Quick Attack!" The Growlithe dashes at Totodile, who jumps back and looks for where it's going to come from. "Totodile, hop up and use Water Gun below you!" Totodile leaps into the air and blasts water downwards. The Growlithe dashes directly into the spray and hops back. "Okay then," Neimi says, "You asked for it now! Growlithe, Wild Charge!" Growlithe's body becomes covered in electricity as it rushes at Totodile. "Oh whoa!"Evan exclaims, "Totodile, use Aqua Tail!" Totodile's tail becomes a wave of water as he brings it back and swings it full force at the incoming Growlithe. The two Pokemon connect in a huge cloud of steam. After a few seconds, the steam clears and Totodile stands triumphantly over his opponent. "Whoohoo!" Evan shouts, "We did it!" Evan runs up to Totodile, who falls the floor paralyzed. "Hold on buddy." Evan says as he returns Totodile to his ball. Evan walks up to Neimi with a grin on his face. "I guess I won, huh?" She shakes her head in disbelief. "I suppose you did. Congratulations on your victory Evan, I reward you with the Burst Badge." She hands over a little badge, which Evan takes and shows to Jared. The badge is an orange circle with red spikes coming out of it. "Check it out Jared," he says to his friend, " I got my first badge!" Jared claps him on the back. "I knew you could do it, didn't doubt you for a second." The boys walk out of the gym and head back to the Pokecenter.

They show up at the Pokecenter and use the phone to call Professor Oak. When the Proffesor answers, Evan shows him the badge with the little camera. "Wow Evan, great job!" the Proffesor says, "Perhaps you should go on to Hydomin City, where you'll find the next gym. If you need to stay overnight at the Pokecenter, tell them to bill it to my lab. Good luck Evan." The professor ends the call. The boys walk up to Nurse Joy and relay the Proffesor's message. She hands them a key and directs them to the second floor. When they get to the room, they see it's just a tiny little room with two beds, a window, and a dining area with two chairs and a table. The boys take showers, do their laundry, and go to bed. Before he dozes off, Evan mentions something he had forgotten earlier. "Hey Jared." he says. Jared answers in a groggy tone. "Yeah Evan?" Evan sits up in bed. "Since we're going on a journey, we should buy camping supplies and extra clothes and stuff. So we don't have to stay at a Pokecenter every day." "Okay," Jared says, "We'll go shopping before we head out tomorrow. We can stop at my uncle's house and borrow some money." The boys go back to sleep, with their schedule for tomorrow prepared.

To be continued in the next chapter:
The Road To Victory...or Failure.

((Well, sorry it was a tad bit late guys. I went on a surprise camping trip over the weekend. Don't worry, Monday-Friday I'll definitely have chapters ready for you guys. So go ahead and comment, tell me if there's any spelling errors, and perhaps give me some ideas in the next chapter. ^_^))

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nice job grey.
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Wow.. your prices are cheap Big Grin

Now that was convenient. A TM with Aqua Tail, lycuh baws Cool

And then... That was bleh <_< The Gym Leader battle wasn't exciting ;-; She was supposedly undefeated for 3 years yet a new kid comes up and beats her easily <_<

(2011-09-26, 07:46 PM)Deidara Wrote: Wow.. your prices are cheap Big Grin

Now that was convenient. A TM with Aqua Tail, lycuh baws Cool

And then... That was bleh <_< The Gym Leader battle wasn't exciting ;-; She was supposedly undefeated for 3 years yet a new kid comes up and beats her easily <_<
A world of unlikeliness.

Haven't read this yet, on my to-do list.

CeFurkan Wrote:
@Nitz_X u really should leave this game
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i have a pretty nice story developing in my head o.o ill put it up when i have the time o.o
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(2011-09-26, 08:09 PM)Dark_Flamez Wrote: i have a pretty nice story developing in my head o.o ill put it up when i have the time o.o
Is this a "stay away you pessimist Nitz you" Story?
CeFurkan Wrote:
@Nitz_X u really should leave this game
[Image: kSLYA.png]
no o.o its kind of a naruto with a twist story o.o its been developing in my head and i feel like i have to put it down
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I'll try to make the next chapter more exciting for you Dei, sorry I had like 30 minutes to type this. lol
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I liked it even with Charmander to.
Another good chapter, good job dude ^-^
Your life just got better. 

You're welcome.

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