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Okey.... jaydem mentioned this in his thread and i agree with him, thats why i made a whole new thread about just this! Wink

We need a new game name... And if you agree with this then post a suggestion with a name here! Big Grin
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Oh, BOY!

"Monsters of Averium" - Simple and straightforward, yet it sounds awesome all the same.

"MonsterCraft" - Derived from PokémonCraft, but without the legal risks. (Unless there's already a MonsterCraft somewhere...)

"Ancient Legacies"/ Something involving "Ancient" - Have you noticed how much we will use the term "Ancient" in the update? Ancient Sages, Ancient Gems, Ancient monsters; all of them seem to play a massively vital role in the game. I've heard that Ancient Gems have some sort of a link to Ancient monsters, possibly making them easier to find. Heck, we could create world history involving Ancient monsters! This title can be tweaked as necessary; I just wanted to include the word "ancient" because it's so important to the game itself.

I do love this idea, and I will support it until I die and am feasted upon by vultures. "MonsterMMORPG" is too simple, too obvious, and just too much of a mouthful. Big Grin
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(2012-09-26, 03:36 PM)TexasToast Wrote: "Monsters of Averium" - Averium ain't our region no more.
"MonsterCraft" - Craft in the name drove players away in PC
"Ancient Legacies"/ Something involving "Ancient" - Not sure on this
Why do we need a new name? First of all, <Mon-ster-m-m-o-r-p-g> is hard to pronounce irl.
Second, We're not really playing an RPG...
And lastly, it's not catchy ;-;
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