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New Monster Desings 2 - Please Comment
Hy everyone!
It's time I show you some update on my latest works.
I'll be replacing a few older desings.
Unlike last time, I do not say that they will 100% surely replace what the currect number stands for, since as we know, if the desing is better than one of the other monster is similiar style, the old ones are going to be moved there.

Hope everybody will like the new desings!

[Image: hermitslime__razorach__vegaptor_new_mons...7afwjf.png]
wow cool designs man I like the wolf over all
Love the wolf and the dinosaur! Very sleek designs! Razorach makes for a very good Wolverazor redesign, as does Vegaraptor for Dinothorn.
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oh man i love them all
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
VERY awesome! You really pulled off the Eugaptor well. :D
[Image: fdDDgCH.png]
hermitslime looks awsome but i cant see the other two on  my screen there two big robert fiddler
sorry about that
thanks for the awesome works man :d
Very cool! Big Grin
[Image: viking.png]

The Vikings Will Rampage.
thanks for makeing them smaller robert

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