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New Monster Concepts - September.15.2014
Hello everyone!

I've made 2 more set of replacements! Hope you will like them Big Grin

[Image: coltivat___monster_mmorpg_new_concept_by...7z4u4e.png]

[Image: wlashing___monster_mmorpg_new_concept_by...7z4ud9.png]
Robert i love the detail you put into them and windscafer the aurora dog because of the rainbow wings lights amazing the electric giraffes are cool as well i hope to get them when there added to the game
[Image: 20230703_155353.jpg]
no gif avvys plz
WOW! Those are amazing!
Whats up brochachoConfused
That Rainbow Wolf has need written all over it.
[Image: viking.png]

The Vikings Will Rampage.

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