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New Monster Concepts - August.24.2014
Hello everyone!

I'm back again with a few new concepts to replace the old monster drawings. Hope you will like them!

First set is a replacement for Chickegg and it's forms.
I tried to keep a bit from the original concept while adding various tropical birds to the design.

[Image: hatchirp_and_forms___monster_mmorpg_new_...7wh8p8.png]
The next one is a Qairrel and it's forms.
This one, I did a little twist. Originally, females were cocoon-like and the males had wings. But females had more speed and males more attack points. So I switched the two designs, making the male more brute and the female an elegant winged beast. Hope you like these new desings.
[Image: grinerpillar_and_forms___monster_mmorpg_...7whavt.png]
Heh I like the birds big time upgrade. Bugs are good but Cef would tell me they were too humanoid.
You do great work, Robert Fiddler. Very talented! I love these!
[Image: sicktag_by_bohochickky-d7tbbcd.png]
wow these drawings are superb
[Image: tO3jDrM.png]
These monsters are so vivid. I like them.
I like them, they look so well performed Smile
[Image: viking.png]

The Vikings Will Rampage.
i like them too robert they are really cool  the birds are really cool
[Image: 20230703_155353.jpg]
no gif avvys plz

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