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New Map Special Map
i was thinking of a map with all  zeniths , ancients and legendaries  only people with all 19 badges and has caught 1 of each monsters from regular to emmarsary and have one of each monster evolution      and at least your rank got to be 200 and lower can enter but for me it would but i think some people would like it. It can be the last map of the game

                             please vote 
                       yes  or  no  or  maybe 
Normally I would shoot this idea down on the spot, but you gave so many restrictions that it could be plausible. Still, it would undermine the entire idea of legend/ancient hunting.
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I voted no, because hunting rare mons is the end game. Making that easy kills the game. It would also destroy pvp and the game economy... and, in my opinion, more importantly it would completely negate "the thrill of the hunt."
No , because you all wanna have ancients as quick as possible, that game isnt like pokemon.
I am kinda tired of these ideas with maps of ancients or higher the ancient appear rate.
Its fine like it is now , you will have to be patient and hunt long until you find it. Thats all , thank yo.
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Yes... i like the idea about a special map but NO maps with only zeniths and higher... that makes it all very very unfair.
Hmm.. Eh.
  • 19 Badge Requirement - Always (:
  • Caught 1,000 monsters?? Eh. Anyone can do that. There are several ways of just doing that. You can do that without even trying. Make it interesting like.. Catching 1 of every monster or so :/ Monsterdex can determine that.
  • 1000 and lower.. Shouldn't the special map be hard to get so the game isn't spammed with all those Legends and Ancients?? I mean, it already is but make it a little more exclusive to get?

Eh just saying.. Game has so many legends and Ancients, this isn't needed. So many people catch these monsters easily.
It's always an interesting suggestion, though.
I think it would be a good event room for special occasions, but not last longer than a day, maybe an hour just to ensure the games economy isn't too jacked up.
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You're welcome.

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Double or triple the amount of monster fought and make it the  top 100-200 ppl allowed and I go for it
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i agree with all of you made a good point so i will choose No on my own idea Big Grin but you guys can still vote and i would like what sparrow hawk said "This isnt like pokemon so ill change it
I said nothing about pokemon though... e.e ?????????
You could make a special map with a low percentage of finding Starters (E.G.) 
Always wanted to be able to catch one..
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there's gonna be no fun if ppl can get everything they want its kinda like that Tongue
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(2013-06-19, 09:29 PM)SparrowHawk Wrote: I said nothing about pokemon though... e.e ?????????
sorry i meant crooby wooby
.... .. o m g.
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no. it would destroy the point of the game.

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