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Move generation Event Part 2 - Continue
Updated Move Names :

Updated Move Names :

Alright people thanks for your help to we have now 3000 moves

But event is not ended yet. It is paused until i assign all of the moves features and their classes randomly

Then we will replace or write new move names according to the assigned features

When this part started each move replacement or suggestion will be counted as 1 point too

So far points collected top contributors

220 garbagekeeper
108 Psywar
91 Ramza_X
86 Snes
84 fjkulit
80 zacherymatthews
67 mike521
53 Dexter Singh
36 Ghost
28 RandyTenderan
23 Ashenator
22 Guider456
19 kunwarkharbanda
16 SparrowHawk
13 staff vidyasagar
11 Danny
6 Mia Shaw
4 orboknown
3 SlimJimForHim
3 Pein
3 epicfrogninja
1 swjfire

Previous thread

The top 10 will get 1 ancient and 2 legendary monster reward. You can select rewards later at v2.

Top 11-20 will get 2 legendary monster reward

This thread will remain locked until i assign features
(hope this okay to post but) scrolling through the list while at school, and I have noticed some moves start with a lot of the same name. I. E dark, dragon, etc. probably something that will generally be needed to fix, otherwise 20 moves that start with the same name is both confusing as well as redundant. And terribly boring.

EDIT- Okay so I skimmed through the list. I made a list of words that moves commonly started with, aka more then 7 moves started with this word. I arranged them in order of "Oh please people, please change like a bunch of these" to "Bah they could probably stay there, but it might be nice to change them up". List probably isn't 100% accurate but it gives you a pretty close count.
Dragon (55)
Dark(ness/est) (37)
Shadow (26)
Poison(ous) (24)
Stone(Y) (24)
Flame(ing) (22)
Hyper (22)
Toxic(al/in) (21)
Super (20)
Fire (19)
Ice (18)
Draco(nic) (18)
Iron (18)
Light (18)
Rock (18) ((((+2 duplicate moves, Rock Hammer and Rock Rain))))
Steel (18)
Thunder(ing) (17)
Power(ful) (17)
Electric (17)
Earth(ern) (16)
Mega (16)
Mystic(al/fying) (16)
Water (16)
Aqua(tic) (15)
Sharp(en) (13)
Deadly (13)
Metal (13)
Leaf (13)
Burning (12)
Lightning (11)
Venom(ous) (11) ((((+1 One Misspelling: Venemous Scratch))))
Psychic (11)
Bug (10)
Acid (9)
Freeze(ing (9)
Ghastly (9)
Insect (9)
Ground (8)
Blazing (8)
Mind (8)
Solar (8)
Star (8)
Wind (8)
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garbagekeeper i am totally agree with you. after i assigned features properly we will fix move names. i am almost done writing the software Smile

edit :

coded the software. preparing the move descriptions. then planning to update on test server. later we may modify move powers, features etc according to your feedback. also we will fix move names according to the move features ^^

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