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Hello everyone.

I have searched the forum for a thread that involved the creation of new moves within the current state of the game and could not find one. So thought it best to create a thread to help players post moves they feel are missing from the game.

If there is one that refers to the monstermmorpg v2 then please redirect me there and I will delete this thread.

Simply stated:
- post a move you feel is missing from the game

1) Move Name
2) Move Type (ex/ ice, dark, dragon etc.)
3) Move Damage and Accuracy
4) Effects

Note: Max accuracy = 1000 but has a corresponding 1 dmg. Max damage = 1000 but has less than 100 accuracy

Ps. = If a move exists in game already, please provide a link to a mon that has it and what the name of the move is. Or if a move name already exists please state so a person may choose a different name

My Own

Damage: 1
Effect: Switch your monster's stat changes with your opponent's stat changes (ex/ if you have -2 attack and your opponent has +2 attack, the move would cause the two stat changes to swap. Your monster would then have +2 attack and your opponent would have -2 attack)

Name: Back Attack
Type: Ghost
Damage: 35
Effect: Steals opponent mon's item. Only works if your monster is not currently holding an item. After a pvp items would be returned to normal owners

Name: Sacrifice
Type: Ground
Damage: 1
Effect: Decrease your monster's defense and special defense by 2. Increase your monster's attack, speed and special attack by 2.

Name: Tag Effort
Type: Light
Damage: 1000
Effect: Sacrifices this monster and another in your party.

-ordinarily I would say 1000 dmg moves require less than 100 accuracy, but seeing how this suggested move requires two monsters to sacrifice I believe the 100 accuracy is justified.

Name: Wind Wash
Type: Wind
Damage: 20
Effect: Remove negative and positive stat changes of your opponent's monster. Cause monster to switch out with a random monster in your opponent's team

Name: Sky Hammer
Type: Flying
Damage: 70
Effect: This move while dealing flying damage initially, also hits as a ground move. Therefore if an opposing monster is immune to flying this move does not hit. If the flying hits the opposing monster, the move deals damage to the opposing monster as the type that would do most damage.

Name: For the Better
Type: Light
Damage: 1
Effect: By decreasing the current monster's health by 30%, heal your party's health by 6% each
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1) Move: "wave of santyness"
2) Light
3) Low acc, like 20%, 444 damage. (can be different for balancing)
4) No effects. 

I don't feel like moves missing. I'm so bad with moves. but sometimes i think about this one. hard and low acc. Like one hit KO move.
Its like a move when your desperate. U have low health and still want to strike hard. It would be great for beginners. They still have a small chance winning from a way better monster this way. (but no recommendation for good pvp players out there)
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Name: Last Gasp

Type: Dark

Damage/Accuracy: 187/38

Effect: A recoil of 100%
(2014-01-15, 05:00 PM)DHeroRedMagma Wrote: Name: Last Gasp

Type: Dark

Damage/Accuracy: 187/38

Effect: A recoil of 100%

This actually exists as the "bombermove". 90%acc 1000dmg
Not to shoot down the idea, just saying
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Move: Fire Wave (based of heat wave)
Type: Fire (original right?)
Damage/Accuracy: 105/80
Effect: Regular Move
Move: Blazing Inferno
Type : Fire
Damage/Accuracy :192/68
Effect : Takes 12 % recoil
Name: Photon Blaster

Type: Electric

Damage/Accuracy: 368/95

Effects: May Paralyze or leave a burn

Name: Fate Buster

Type: Ghost

Damage/Accuracy: 1/1000

Effect: Causes a random effect it's sort of a luck type thing

Name: Prehistoric Rush

Type: Rock (Could also be ground)

Damage/Accuracy: 200/68

Effect: Kinda going for like a recoil of 25%
actually it would be a lot better to fix moves currently not matching their class Big Grin

we can change features of existing moves

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