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Move: Concentrated Force (and other 2 turn moves)
I cant capture screenshots on my current device so I will explain:

Concentrated Force is a move with 92% accuracy. It uses 2 turns, 

1. Wait
2. Attack

Wait does 0 damage (naturally). However the game thinks that the "wait" is an offensive attack, and applies accuracy to it.

So, in a battle, the "wait" can miss. When it does, I have to start the attack over again. This turns the attack from a 2-turn move to upwards of a 10 turn move. 

So it will look like this:

wait - miss
wait - miss
wait - successful
attack - miss
wait - miss
wait - miss
wait - miss
wait - successful
attack - miss
wait - successful
attack - successful

This scenario (which happened to me in one battle, with 100% accuracy stat), cost me 10 or so turns to land one attack, rendering this move utterly broken.
[Image: 318184_3285825435757_1571293180_32610312...8866_n.jpg]
The accuracy system in this game is generally broken. I think we all agreed in a poll to change it back to the old, more accurate system, but I don't know what happened to that consensus.
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