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------------ ---------------------------- --- [Image: 652Meteoid.png]-------------------------------------------------------
----- ---------------------------------------- ----"Flare Body beast"---------


Meteoid is a very outstanding special attacker and can be most useful with the nature Hallucination.
Having the Ability Slow Tough it draws off Meteoid's speed leaving wide open to super effective hits
and also against monsters with more speed than it. Having the Ability Rock master and Normal nature
the moves Extraordinary Strike, Enigma Power, and Stone Crush can be very useful to Meteoid. When Meteoid
is on a team with Alaclipse and Dimagem its weaknesses are handles well with Alaclipse only being weak to fighting type
Moves and Dimagem only being weak against light type moves they show great use and potential on a team with Meteoid.
If Tp trained properly meteoid can easily handle its own the the Ability Slow tough. Now lets get to the MoveSets.


Set Name - Special Attacker

Meteoid@ Accuracy Weapon
Abilities: Slow Tough, Normal Master , Rock master
TPs: 399 SpAttack/ 400 Speed
Hallucination Nature ( -6 Attk , -6 Def , +6 SpAttack , -6 SpDef , +6 Speed , +6 HP )

- Stone Smash
- Atmosphere Flame
- Mind bend/ Fire Burst
- Hyper Flame/ Darkness Ball / Boiling Water

The Main objective of this set is to have Meteoid Sweep with which either move seems fit the the situation.
Stone Smash is useful against all types of monsters in my view of any type. If you wanna try your chance at fate you
can you use Atmosphere Flame but don't expect it to hit. Accuracy Weapon helps Meteoid strike with special attacks
and helps out its nature move much smoother which being Hallucination. Most Teams now a days isn't based to be prepared
for a sweeper like this but be careful for its ability Slow Tough which lowers Meteoid's speed tremendously. The reason for 400 TP speed is to help Meteoid gain the speed it needs and out speeds monsters that causes a threat to Meteoid.

Like i said Alaclipse and dimagem are a nice pair to set up with Meteoid dealing with each others weaknesses and also
Trampling over unwanted and not prepared teams.
(More Coming Soon)
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