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Mega Arena Super Tournament
Ok here we go my awesome idea the biggest tournament and best tournament ever to exsist

Heres my idea each person that wants to join has to give in a monster of their own and the winner will win all the monsters there will be 3 blocks 600+ Rank  1000+ Rank 1+ rank each block as two parts in each part the person who wins will win every one of the monsters in so just detail your monster below and your ingame name and ill tell u when to put it up and for just 1 gold so below just write down your name and rank and what block you are quiallifed for I will accept people that have all level 100 monsters and you are level 1000+ so its all about how smart you are

1000+ Part A

1000+ Part B

600+ Part A

600+ Part B

1+ Part A

1+ Part B

[Image: 150px-Madara321.png]
isn't it as same as gambling
[Image: Obito-Harvey-001.png%3fpsid%3d1?rdrts=66690578]

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