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well, since V2 is about to come out, i was wondering what monsters would become more valuable, and which ones are going downhill...when i say valuable, i want to know in what way they are valuable, pvp-wise, looks awesome, etc.And so, i was wondering what the general population of gamers we have here want(hence "market research").
everyone is welcome to post their opinions of what are the best monsters for each of the classes IdeaIdeaIdeaIdeaIdeaIdeaIdeaIdeaIdeaIdeaIdeaIdeaBig Grin
well i think the current zeniths and legendarys will go up in value, market-wise, because a lot of people won't hunt them as much anymore, thus the supply goes down and prices go down.
i didn't understand.. what i just read...
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(2013-02-02, 10:47 PM)Snes Wrote: current zeniths and legendarys will go up in value...prices go down.

lol which! up or down!

if you meant down, i kinda agree. no demand should lead to a fall in prices, but then again, some legends might be stronger than ancients pvp wise. i'm not there yet to make a judgement on this. some people might still prefer hunting legends for money, natures, ranks and exp...etc etc. it also depends on the game's population to bring prices to its true value. low population wouldn't do much to it. 

but i think cefurkan is making efforts to make legends and ancients rocket in price, and at the same time removing gold from the game. these kinda conflicts each other in purpose. for that, i would think gold is more precious than monsters <.< save them for items (enchanting) that would be implemented in the future, they will be more valuable than monsters i think.

*shrugs* don't kill me if i'm wrong :o

oh and i didn't give specific examples of monsters because i haven't done much research, find knost! lol
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i think that ancients will go a bit down cuz there is a lot of them
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